E.ON is a leading member of the UK’s big six energy suppliers. Founded in 1989, it’s been a pioneer of green energy and continues to supply millions of UK homes with both gas and electricity. Read on to discover more about it.
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In this guide you'll find information including:

  • E.ON Energy company profile

  • What E.ON tariffs are available?

  • E.ON electric vehicles

  • Renewable electricity with E.ON Energy

  • E.ON green energy

  • E.ON smart meters

  • How does a smart meter help reduce energy costs?

  • E.ON reviews and reputation 

  • How do I switch to E.ON gas and electric? 

  • How to contact E.ON customer service  

  • Is E.ON Energy the best energy provider for me?

E.ON company profile

  • Founded: 1989 (as Powergen), 2002 (acquisition) 

  • HQ: Coventry, UK

  • Total customers: 3.8 million

  • UK ranking: 3

E.ON started out life in 1989 as Powergen, and was acquired by German utility company E.ON in 2002, before officially rebranding as E.ON UK in 2004. Today, E.ON is praised for being a leader in the shift towards sustainably-sourced energy. Tackling climate change has quickly become E.ON’s top priority, and recently the energy provider began supplying 100% renewable energy to all of its customers at no extra cost.

What E.ON tariffs are available?

E.ON offers a good range of tariffs to suit any UK household. At the time of writing, these tariffs include both fixed and variable options, as well as prepayment and variable plans (information correct as of November 2020):

Updated 26 November 2020
Tariff name Fixed period Exit feesKey features
Fix Online v4312 months £30 per fuel 25% off boiler cover offer; smart meter installation; manage account online
Fix 1 Year v412 monthsNone Smart meter installation
Fix 2 Year v1124 monthsNone Smart meter installation
Fix and Drive12 months £30 per fuel Designed for those who own or lease electric vehicles; 850 EV miles reward; smart meter installation
E.ON EnergyPlanNoneNone Standard variable priced tariff
EnergyPlan with Smart PAYGNoneNone Standard variable priced prepayment tariff, paid for by Smart Pay As You Go
E.ON EnergyPlan with PrepaymentNoneNone For Prepayment customers only

All fixed rate plans come with mandatory smart meter installations if eligible.

E.ON electric vehicles

E.ON’s Fix and Drive plan is exclusively for those who own or lease a plug-in electric or hybrid vehicle that’s been registered with the DVLA. It currently offers 12 months of fixed rate energy with an exit fee of £60. For each year you’re on the plan you’ll receive a reward of 850 miles (equivalent to £30), which is credited to your account six months into your contract each year. 

This is a dual-fuel tariff and it can only be paid for using direct debit. Under this plan, E.ON will match 100% of your energy with Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs) and 100% of your gas with Certified Emission Reduction Certificates (CERs). 

Renewable electricity with E.ON Energy

E.ON Energy now offers 100% renewable electricity with all its tariffs. This means you can be sure you’re receiving electricity that’s backed by 100% renewable sources, regardless of which tariff you choose. This includes electricity sourced from wind, solar, and biomass. 

Currently, energy sourced by E.ON from its renewable assets and renewable supply agreements provides enough electricity to power 1.7 million homes, based on the consumption of the average E.ON customer. This covers 61% of E.ON’s domestic and small business customer base, and 46.3% of its entire customer base when corporate customers are also included. To make up the shortfall, E.ON purchases renewable electricity guarantees certificates as well as power from independent wind power generators in the UK.

E.ON green energy

E.ON has invested over £9 billion in UK renewables since 2007, and has been a frontrunner of the energy industry in pushing forward more sustainable practices and promoting fuel efficiency. Its current fuel mix (for electricity and Renewable energy is just one way E.ON is working to achieve these goals, but its efforts can also be seen through other services like its electric vehicle deals, smart meter and smart thermostat rollouts, and its solar panel plans.  

E.ON’s priority of helping green energy sources outperform unsustainable fossil generators has helped the provider maintain and grow its popularity in recent years. 

E.ON smart meters

Along with all major energy suppliers, E.ON Energy is helping both business and domestic customers receive a more accurate picture of their energy use by rolling out smart meters across the country for no charge. E.ON claims that using smart meters will support the shift towards a carbon-neutral Britain, helping households become more energy efficient.

Although the UK government postponed the deadline for the rollout to June 2021, E.ON is one of the few companies that has made smart meter installation mandatory for all its fixed-price tariffs where eligible.

Smart meters automatically send regular readings to your energy provider to save you the hassle of doing so manually. They also ensure you receive accurate bills based on your actual usage rather than an estimate.

Along with your smart meter, you’ll also receive an in-home display that you can use to track your energy consumption with real-time, personalised insights. You’ll be able to set a daily budget, view your CO2 emissions, view and compare your gas and electric usage history, and more. Prepayment customers on the Smart Pay As You Go tariff can also use the in-home display to top up credit and activate emergency credit. 

How does a smart meter help reduce energy costs?

Your in-home display is handheld, so you can even take it around the house and, as you turn on and off appliances, view how much energy each appliance is using at the time. This helps you gain an accurate picture of your energy usage, enabling you to identify areas where you’re consuming too much energy unnecessarily. From here you can adjust your habits and watch your consumption (and bills) drop.

In receiving more accurate data about consumption nationwide, energy providers are also able to monitor energy production and supply more precisely, enabling them to plan accordingly and further reduce waste. E.ON claims that if every UK household were to switch to a smart meter, the impact would be the equivalent of planting 75 million trees every year. E.ON also offers discounts on a number of additional smart home technology products, including smart lighting and thermostats. 

E.ON reviews and reputation 

E.ON Energy has a rating of three stars out of five based on Uswitch’s customer satisfaction awards. In the 2020 Uswitch Energy Awards, the provider was cited as the best large supplier in the Best Value for Money and Best Green Services categories. 

E.ON averages a creditable 3.8 stars out of five on Trustpilot, with 63% rating it Excellent or Great. Its customers cite ease-of-use, the simple transfer process, and fair pricing, while others note the professional, quick, expert work of E.ON’s engineers during meter installation.

How do I switch to E.ON gas and electric? 

Switching to E.ON is easy, as the provider is committed to the Energy Switch Guarantee. Furthermore, E.ON was named the Easiest Large Supplier To Switch To in the Uswitch Energy Awards 2019. Switching to E.ON is done with just a few simple steps: 

  • Get a quote and choose your tariff. You can use our comparison tool to find the best tariffs for your home. 

  • Fill out some quick details about your home and make the switch. 

  • Wait for E.ON to contact you requesting your first meter readings.

The Energy Switch Guarantee means that when you switch, E.ON will handle the transition entirely. You won’t need to contact your previous provider, the switch will occur within 21 days of initial sign up, and you will have a 14-day cooling-off period where you are able to change your mind without facing any fees. If you are receiving a smart meter, E.ON will also contact you to arrange its installation, and you will also be able to keep track of this using the E.ON Energy app. 

How do I contact E.ON customer service? 

E.ON is dedicated to providing reliable and satisfactory customer service, and aims to rectify any complaint within three weeks. You can learn more about E.ON’s complaints process at its dedicated Complaints page. 

You can contact E.ON energy’s customer service team online either using an online assistant or by filling out an email form, or you can call 0345 052 0000 from 8AM-8PM Monday to Friday, or 8AM-6PM on Saturday. If you wish to make a complaint, you can contact one of the following numbers based on the nature of your issue: 

  • Prepayment: 0345 303 3040

  • Smart PAYG: 0345 366 5996

  • Moving Home: 0345 052 0000

  • Installation: 0800 054 6250 (Mon-Fri 7AM-6PM, Sat 8AM-4PM)

For general complaints, call E.ON’s main customer service number, or write to Customer Service Centre, E.ON, PO Box 7750, Nottingham NG1 6WR.

Is E.ON Energy the best energy provider for me?

If sustainability and carbon-cutting are important criteria when choosing an energy supplier, then E.ON certainly fits the bill. While there are many smaller companies who take an environmentally friendly approach, E.ON benefits from being one of the big six’s greenest suppliers in the UK, offering 100% renewable electricity to every customer. Its long-established position in the big six means you can also trust E.ON as a reliable, recognisable name.

Last updated: 26 November 2020