Who supplies my gas and electricity?

The key to finding the best energy deals is to know precisely what it is you’re already paying for. To do that, you need to know who is supplying your home’s energy. If you’ve just moved in or have simply forgotten, here’s how to find out which gas suppliers and electricity suppliers are billing you.

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In this guide you'll find answers to questions including:

  • Who is my energy supplier?

  • Can I identify my supplier with existing information?

  • Who supplies my electricity?

  • Who supplies my gas?

  • What energy plan am I on?

Who is my gas and/or electricity supplier?

When it comes to answering the questions of “who supplies my electricity” and “who supplies my gas”, you first need to determine whether you have separate suppliers for both, or whether you’re on a dual fuel tariff, which means identifying one will automatically reveal the other. Also ask yourself how you pay for your energy: if it’s with a top-up card or by direct debit, then the answer could be under your nose. 

Can I identify my supplier with existing information?

The first step to finding out who supplies your electricity and/or gas is to look around your home:

Check your bill

The quickest and simplest way to identify your energy supplier is to track down a copy of your latest – or recent – electricity and/or gas bill.

Check your meter

As mentioned, knowing how you pay for your energy may help you find the utility company who supplies you. Some things to look for:

  • Prepaid meters

Most energy suppliers support prepayment plans in the form of prepaid meters. Check your top-up card to see if it names the supplier.

  • Smart meters

Most suppliers will give you a smart ‘In-Home Display’ to keep track of your use. If you need to find out who your gas or electricity supplier is and you have this device to hand, you can check the branding on it, although the presence of one of these doesn’t necessarily mean that suppliers haven’t been changed since.

Paying by direct debit or standing order? Check your bank statement

If you pay for energy by monthly direct debit then the easiest way to unmask your supplier is by logging into your online bank account or contacting your bank to ask which company is taking your monthly payment for energy.

Who supplies my electricity?

The Energy Networks Association will be able to tell you which electric network operator is supplying your home. Your network operator isn’t your energy supplier, but it knows who is supplying electricity to your property. Use the ENA’s online postcode checker to discover who your network operator is, complete with contact details. Some operators – like UK Power Networks, which supplies London, the South East and the East of England - provide their own postcode checker tool. In the case of UK Power Networks, submit your house number, postcode, and email address to have the details emailed to you.

If you’d prefer to contact your network operator by phone, make sure you’re calling the correct number for your local area:

Updated 10 November 2020
RegionPhone number
North Scotland0800 048 3515
Central and Southern Scotland0330 1010 300
North East England and Yorkshire0800 011 3332
Merseyside, Cheshire, North Shropshire & North Wales0330 1010 300
East Midlands and West Midlands0800 096 3080
London, South East England and Eastern England0800 029 4285
Southern England 0800 048 3516
Northern Ireland 03457 643 643

Who supplies my gas?

There’s no need to ask the previous resident, your new landlord, or wait for the gas supplier to contact you directly. If you’ve got your internet connection set up, simply use the Find My Supplier website to perform a gas supply postcode check to reveal your supplier in just a few clicks. Remember, if you’re on a dual-fuel contract, your gas supplier will be the same as your electric supplier.

If you’re currently without internet, check your gas meter – every meter has a unique numerical ID known as a ‘Meter Point Reference Number’ and from this, the operator at the Meter Number Helpline will be able to tell you who your supplier is:

Meter Number Helpline: 0870 608 1524

What energy plan am I on?

Once you’ve discovered which gas and/or electricity providers are supplying your energy, you should also confirm which tariff you are on. If you’ve just moved house, and the previous owner has cancelled their contract, then you will be on a ‘deemed contract’. These are essentially placeholder tariffs, that are standard variable tariffs, no-frills and almost certainly not the best value. You should get off such a plan as quickly as possible – any fixed-plan contract will almost certainly be cheaper.

If your gas and electricity supply is coming from two separate suppliers, you might also want to look at combining them into a single dual-fuel plan as this could lead to further savings as well as making billing and administration simpler.

I've just moved home - how do I find the existing energy supplier?

If you’ve just moved home, the quickest way to find out the existing energy supplier to the property is to ask the landlord or developer, or the previous owner or tenant. If the person previously living in the property has notified the energy supplier that they're moving, you should receive a letter from the supplier providing you with the details you need. If not, you can follow the steps listed above to find the gas and electricity supplier.

Once you've found out which supplier and plan you have, you should probably be looking to switch to a better deal as soon as possible. It's likely you'll have been put on your supplier's standard variable deal, which is usually the most expensive it offers, so go to a comparison site and compare energy deals to see how much you could save at the earliest opportunity.

Finding a better energy plan

Our online comparison tool makes it easy to find the best energy deals. Once you know who your supplier is and have found out what you are paying for your gas and electricity, you’ll have everything you need to find a better deal. You can search by price, method of payment or choice of dual fuel or single fuel plans.

If you’ve just moved into a new property, or had enough time lapse that you can’t remember your supplier, there’s a good chance you are no longer in contract for a best value fixed price plan, or that you are now on a deemed contract. If that’s the case, now’s the time to find a new energy supplier so you can get the best value for money.

Last updated: 10 March 2021