Energy guides

These guides can help you save on your energy bills by explaining how to lower your bills and get a better deal. The guides offer tips to help you switch suppliers, insulate your home and cut your bills.

A picture of a toilet flush and text reading Powered by poo?

Powered by poo

The energy experts at reveal the weird and wonderful alternative energy sources that could soon be powering our homes soon.

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The Green Degree

The Green Degree

The energy experts at spoke with Universities across the UK to reveal which are leading the way with renewable energy initiatives with the aim of switching to greener energy plans or even achieving net zero in the near future.

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heatwave woman fanning herself sweating

Top 10 heatwave hacks on a budget

The heatwave has arrived in the UK, and managing to stay cool can be difficult and costly. The experts at have provided some simple budget friendly hacks to help stay chilled this summer.

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Title image reading Eco-landmarks and showing a picture of Big Ben

Six world-famous landmarks reimagined as green energy hubs

Six of the world’s most famous landmarks have been given a green makeover and reimagined as environmentally friendly energy hubs.

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Image of modern houses in a green landscape

Lowering your energy bills: lessons from science

How to transform your house into an ultra-energy efficient eco-home

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Should you get a smart meter?

Technology is smarter than ever and a new monitor could cut the cost of your energy bills. Here is what you need to know about smart meters and whether they can save you money.

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Woman using thermostat

What is the Renewable Heat Incentive?

Part of a plethora of measures designed to help people save money on their energy, the Renewable Heat Incentive is always a popular option. Find out more about it in our guide.

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House with solar panels and wind turbine

What is the Green Homes Grant?

The Green Homes Grant has garnered a lot of column inches since its introduction in 2020, but not always for the right reasons. Find out why in our guide.

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Electric vehicle charging on the street

Electric vehicles: should you get one and how will it affect your energy bills?

Electric vehicles are coming, whether you like it or not - the government is committed to phasing out the use of petrol and diesel cars, and some manufacturers like Jaguar have already announced that they'll be all-electric in the next few years. It pays to be clued up ahead of time - find out what electric vehicles might mean for you here.

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Woman checking calendar

When is the best time to switch my energy deal?

We all (hopefully) know why we should switch our energy deal, but is there an optimal time to do so? Read our guide to find out.

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Woman in gloves feeling radiator

What are Winter Fuel Payments?

Winter Fuel Payments can be a lifeline for those on low incomes to keep the heating going during the coldest months. Find out more about Winter Fuel Payments and how to apply for them in our guide.

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Eco Pets League meta image

The Eco Pets League

Discover which of our beloved pets have the least impact on the planet as our energy experts present The Eco Pets League.

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