Energy guides

These guides can help you save on your energy bills by explaining how to lower your bills and get a better deal. The guides offer tips to help you switch suppliers, insulate your home and cut your bills.

Middle aged couple choosing energy supplier

How to choose the right energy tariff

Finding the right gas and electricity deal could save you hundreds of pounds a year on your energy bills. Here is what you need to know about choosing the right energy tariff.

Attractive hand pointing at energy meter.

Is a prepayment meter right for you?

Pay as you go gas and electricity lets you top up credit when you need to, but could cost you more. Here is what you need to know about prepayment meters and if they are right for you.

Person using thermostat

What to do if you're worried about the cost of your heating

If you're worried about falling temperatures, snow and freezing fog this winter most of us reach to turn up the thermostat. But if you spend the winter with your heating on high, your energy bill may leave you feeling cold.

Green energy wind turbines

What is green energy?

Green energy is better for the environment than fossil fuels, and could help you save money on your energy bill too. Here is everything you need to know about green energy.

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How do energy tariffs work?

Your gas and electricity tariff affects how much your energy costs, so picking the right one could save you money. Here is what you need to know about how your energy tariff works.

Serviceman checking an energy meter

How to handle problems with your gas and electricity

If you are having problems with your gas or electricity, there are ways to get help. Here is what you need to know about handling problems with your energy service.

Woman reading energy bill

How to read your energy bill

Keeping an eye on your energy bills and usage could help you save money. Here is everything you need to know about reading your energy bill.

Young couple switching energy supplier

How to switch energy supplier

You could save money on your gas and electricity by comparing energy prices. Here is how to switch energy supplier and how much you could save by choosing a better deal.

Man fixing boiler

How to replace your boiler

New boilers are pricey, but what are gas boiler prices? Find out how much a new boiler costs, if it's worth the money and whether or not you really need one.

Woman doing paperwork at home

How to manage your energy service

You may need to contact your energy supplier from time to time to make changes to your account. Here is everything you need to know about managing your gas and electricity.

Should you get a smart meter?

Technology is smarter than ever and a new monitor could cut the cost of your energy bills. Here is what you need to know about smart meters and whether they can save you money.

Close-up of electricity meter

A complete guide to fixed price energy tariffs

Fixed price energy tariffs are a popular option among energy customers looking to ensure that their fees won't be unexpectedly raised. This guide covers the advantages and disadvantages of signing up to one, among other subjects.

Graphic for the header of the shape of love guide

Valentine's Day guide to burning love and calories

The energy experts at investigate how much exercise is needed to burn off your Valentine's Day treats.

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Festive calories around the world - an energy expert's guide to holiday treats

'tis the season to treat yourself but which holiday treats from around the world have the most calories? This new guide reveals a list of the healthiest and the most calorific Christmas puddings.

Scientist looking into a microscope

Who supplies my gas and electricity?

Find out how to find out which gas suppliers and electricity suppliers are supplying your electricity, whether you've forgotten or never knew in the first place.

Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating tends to be thought of as one of those "made it" purchases, but it's actually more affordable than you might think. Our guide explains all.

Woman switching energy supplier when in credit

How to switch energy supplier when in credit

It might surprise you to learn that you can switch energy supplier when in credit. What's the process? How does it work? This is the guide you need.

Man examining standing charge on energy bill

What is a standing charge?

What is a standing charge on your energy bill? Find out what it is and what it means for you in our guide.

Woman examining electricity cost on bill

How much does electricity cost?

We pay our energy bills, but do we actually look at how much electricity costs? And do we actually need to know at all?

Person worried about debt looking at bills

Energy supplier debt

What happens when you're in debt to your energy supplier? Our guide explains everything you need to know about energy supplier debt.

Close-up of electricity meter

Electricity meters explained

Each electricity meter isn't necessarily the same - there are several electricity meters and you'll need to know which one you have in order to make smart decisions about your energy.

Person with bills

Back billing

Back billing is a common occurrence within the energy industry. What do you need to know?

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Economy 10

You might have heard of Economy 7, but what about Economy 10? Is it better? Is it worse? Should you try and take advantage of it? Our guide has the answers you need.

Ofgem website

What does Ofgem do?

Ofgem is the regulatory body for energy suppliers and consumers - read our guide to find out what its responsibilities are and when it could help you out.

Big buildings for big energy suppliers

Who are the big six energy suppliers?

You'll hear a lot of talk about the big six energy suppliers, but who are they? Are they really worth your time? Is there even a big six anymore?

Woman using washing machine during Economy 7 hours

Economy 7

Could you benefit from cheaper electricity rates at night? If so, Economy 7 energy might be for you. Read the guide to find out what it is and whether it's an option for you to consider.

Warm home with dog

The Warm Home Discount

The Warm Home Discount is a scheme designed to help pensioners and lower income households save money on their energy bills. To find out if you're eligible, read our guide.

Woman cooking in kitchen

Energy-efficient cooking

One of the more wasteful things you can do at home in terms of energy is cooking, but it's something we all have to do. How can we make sure we waste less energy when making lunch or dinner? Our guide has some useful tips.

Person bleeding radiator using a key

How to bleed a radiator

Bleeding radiators to ensure your heating works properly is key to increasing energy efficiency. Our guide walks you through how to do it.

Open fridge in kitchen

Energy-efficient fridges and freezers

Everyone uses fridges and freezers, but they can make up a significant part of your energy bill. Find out about energy-efficient fridges and freezers in our guide.

Hot water tap heated from ground source heat pump

What are ground source heat pumps?

Ground source heat pumps can be an attractive means of heating water, but are they right for you? Our guide has the answers.

Man changing energy-saving bulbs

Using energy-saving lightbulbs

A lot of energy is used in lighting your home, which means that energy-saving bulbs are a must - read our guide to find out what you should be looking for in an energy-saving lightbulb.

Close-up of energy monitor display

Energy monitors

One of the easiest ways to save money on your energy is to get an energy monitor to see where you could tighten up your usage. Our guide has everything you need to know about energy monitors and more.

Lightbulbs using energy in home

Who are the UK's energy companies?

With many UK energy companies out there to choose from, our guide gives you the run-down of who they are and how to decide between them.

Young couple reading utility bill

What do I need to know about utility bills?

Breaking down your gas and electricity bills is important - find out how to read your utility bills here.

Woman paying for energy online using credit card

Advance gas and electricity payments

Some energy plans allow customers to pay in advance - are these worth signing up for? Our guide has the answers you need.

Person pointing at terms and conditions document

What are energy customers’ rights?

What are your rights as an energy customer? Find out in our guide.

Smart thermostat on wall

How to use smart thermostats

Smart thermostats aren't the same as smart meters, which they're often compared to, but they could still be extremely important in helping you control your energy usage. Our guide has all the smart thermostat information you need here.

Mother and daughter washing dishes

Energy-efficient dishwashing: dishwasher vs. hand washing

When it comes to limiting water wastage, should you wash your dishes by hand or with the dishwasher? Our guide runs the rule over the two methods.

Person pointing remote control at television to turn it off, rather than leaving it on standby

Why you shouldn't leave devices on standby mode

People often think they can save energy by leaving their devices on standby is fine if they're not on, but they're actually still using energy. Our guide explains why.

Energy Performance Certificate with a lightbulb

Energy Performance Certificates

When buying or renting a home, you'll need to see its Energy Performance Certificate. This guide tells you what it is and why you need to be mindful of what it says.

Plane contributing to carbon footprint taking off

How can I reduce my carbon footprint?

Reducing our carbon footprint is something we're all thinking about, but how can we do it? Our guide has some tips you might find useful.

Elderly woman adjusting thermostat

Cold Weather Payments

As one of a number of government grants designed to help the more vulnerable parts of the population, Cold Weather Payments are vital for many. To find out if you could be eligible for them, take a look at our guide.

Woman and cat warming themselves by space heater

What is a standard variable rate tariff?

A standard variable rate tariff is one of the most common types of energy tariff. Who are they a good option for, though? Our guide has the answers you need.

Couple with keys to rented house

Setting up gas and electricity in a rented house: common questions answered

One of the common misconceptions of renting a house is that you can't change your energy supplier. This isn't true - read our guide to setting up gas and electricity in a rented house to find answers to commonly-asked questions.

Woman complaining on phone

How to make an energy supplier complaint

It's not nice to make an energy supplier complaint, but sometimes you'll have no choice. In the event that you need to do so, this guide tells you what to do and who to speak to.

Keys with house

Setting up gas and electricity in a new home

One of the key jobs when moving house is moving your utilities over, which includes gas and electricity. Is it a simple job, or a difficult one? Our guide reveals all.

Smart meter energy-saving gadget

Energy-saving gadgets

It's important to save energy, and there are an increasing number of gadgets available to help you do so. We run down some of the options available in this guide.

Person regulating hot water temperature in shower

Using hot water efficiently

A lot of energy is used in heating and using water - are there ways of using hot water in an energy-efficient way? Our guide reveals all.

Energy bills on table

What is the energy price cap?

The energy price cap was brought in by the government to limit the amount that energy providers could charge customers, but has it worked and is it something customers should rely on? Find out in our guide.

Piggy bank with lightbulb, showing that saving energy saves money

Top ten energy-saving tips

We could all do with a few pointers on how to save energy - here are our top ten energy-saving tips.

Room with power cut

How to get compensation for power cuts

Power cuts are inconvenient, but you can claim compensation if they occur in your area. Read our guide to find out.

Elderly woman warm by the fire

What is the Priority Services Register?

For the more vulnerable amongst us, being signed up to the Priority Services Register could be very important. Find out more about what you could get if you sign up.

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What’s the best city to live in based on your diet?

Compare the cost of living for vegans and vegetarians around the world with this easy-to-use calculator revealing vegan cooking classes, speciality restaurants and food costs on a UK energy comparison site.