Switching to a cheaper electricity tariff is easy and could save you hundreds of pounds on your energy bills. Here is how to use our comparison to find the right tariff and electricity prices for you.

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Your electricity prices will depend on where you live, so enter your postcode to find tariffs in your area.

Some energy companies may not supply electricity in your area, so searching by postcode lets you find out which cheap electricity deals are available to you.

Pick the right tariff

The best deal isn't as simple as finding the cheapest electricity supplier. Choosing the right tariff could save you money on your energy bill, and get you the cheapest electricity in the long run. Your main options are:

  • Fixed: This means the rate of your electricity is fixed for the period of your contract. Your bill is still based on how much electricity you use, but the rate stays the same.

  • Variable: Your rate could change at any time, but you will not be tied into your contract. This gives you flexibility to switch supplier without paying an exit fee and find a cheap electricity deal, but your rate could be higher.

  • Dual fuel: This lets you combine your gas and electricity with the same supplier. You get a discount for opting for a dual fuel tariff, and the convenience of having both services in one place. This can be a great way to get the cheapest electricity deal, but remember your bill will also include gas.

  • Prepayment: You pay for your electricity up front, so you only buy what you need. Prepayment meters are one of the most expensive ways to pay for your energy and may not be right for everybody, so read our guide to see if it is right for you.

Here is more information about how to choose the right energy tariff.

How should you pay?

Other than a prepayment meter, you can pay for your electricity in three different ways:

  1. Direct debit: Monthly payments taken automatically

  2. Quarterly payments: Pay cash, cheque, or set up a quarterly direct debit.

  3. Payment card: Pay with a debit or credit card at a PayPoint shop or Post Office.

Here is more information about how to save on your gas and electricity.

About our energy switching service

How do we make money from energy switching?

We have commercial agreements in place which mean we get paid commission if you switch energy supplier through our website.

You do not pay any extra and it does not affect the deal you get.
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