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Compare electricity-only energy deals

Run an energy comparison and save an average of £120*

*You could save an average of £120: Between 1 July 2020 and 31 December 2020, people who switched energy supplier for electricity only with Uswitch saved an average of £120.

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Why should I compare electricity-only energy deals?

If you're coming to the end of your electricity contract, moving home, or looking to split your fuels after years on a dual-fuel plan, now is the perfect time to compare electricity prices and switch to a new electricity tariff to help save money. 

John W on TrustPilot is a regular electricity-only switcher:

"This is the second year I've switched my electricity provider. The process was quick and easy, just plug in a few details and review the results. Choose the supplier you want to go with and fill out a few details. The whole process takes just a few minutes."

John W, TrustPilot

What is an electricity-only plan?

As its name suggests, an electricity-only plan is an energy tariff that covers only electricity and not gas. That means that unlike dual fuel tariffs where your gas and electricity are combined into a single bill, you’ll only be charged for electricity. If you needed one, you would have to source your gas plan separately. 

Why pick an electricity-only deal?

Electricity-only plans are technically designed for those who only use electricity, so you’re not paying a standing charge for gas you’d never use. Nevertheless, if you use both fuels you can still get single fuel tariffs for each type of energy if you wish. This might be because sourcing both fuels separately works out cheaper, or perhaps you want to sign up to a certain provider for a certain fuel type. 

Why should I run an electricity cost comparison?

No savvy shopper goes for the first deal they see, it always pays to shop around and compare electricity rates. But this can often be time-consuming and tedious. Money.co.uk saves you the fuss and lets you see all the best prices in one place, so in just a few clicks you can find almost every electricity price currently available and pick the cheapest electricity supplier for you.

Which suppliers offer electricity-only tariffs?

Most suppliers will happily offer you a single fuel tariff, so you’re not missing out if you choose to go this way. Electricity-only providers include: 

  • British Gas

  • Shell Energy

  • E.ON

  • Green Network Energy

  • EDF

Can I use a smart meter on an electricity-only tariff?

Yes - smart meter usage is both possible and encouraged whatever type of tariff you’re on. They help you see where you’re using the most energy and make it easy to target the changes to your lifestyle required to reduce consumption and bring down your energy bills. In addition, they send regular meter readings automatically to ensure accurate bills and payments. 

Electricity-only FAQs

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