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Compare electricity-only energy deals

Run an energy comparison and save an average of £292*

*You could save an average of £292: Between 1 January 2020 and 30 June 2020, people who switched energy supplier for electricity-only with Uswitch saved an average of £292.

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Last updated: 7 September 2020

Why should I compare electricity-only energy deals?

If you're coming to the end of your electricity contract, moving home or looking to split your fuels after years on a dual fuel plan, this is the time to compare electricity-only deals and switch to a new one to help save money. 

What is an electricity-only plan?

An electricity-only plan is, as the name suggests, an energy tariff that covers only electricity and not gas. That means that unlike dual fuel tariffs where your gas and electricity are charged in one single bill, you will only be charged for electricity. You would have to source your gas plan (if you need one) separately. 

Why pick an electricity-only deal?

Electricity-only plans are technically designed for those who only use electricity so nobody has to pay for gas they’d never use, but those who use both are able to get single-fuel tariffs for each one if they wish. This might be because it’s cheaper, or they want to sign up to a certain provider for a certain fuel type. 

Why should I run an electricity cost comparison?

No savvy shopper goes for the first deal they see, it always pays to shop around. But this can often be time-consuming and tedious. Money.co.uk saves you the fuss and lets you see all the best prices in one place, so in just a few clicks you can find almost every electricity price currently available and pick the best one for you.

Which suppliers offer electricity-only tariffs?

Most suppliers will happily offer you a single fuel tariff, so you’re not missing out if you choose to go this way. Electricity-only providers include: 

  • Shell Energy

  • E.ON

  • Green Network Energy

  • EDF

Can I use a smart meter on an electricity-only tariff?

Yes - smart meter usage is both possible and encouraged whatever type of tariff you’re on. They will help you see where you’re using the most energy and allow you to make changes to your lifestyle if you wish, as well as ensuring more accurate meter readings and payments. 

FAQs for electricity-only tariffs 

Can I get green energy on electricity-only plans? 

Absolutely. Green electricity is fast becoming the norm for many suppliers, you don’t even need to search for specialist providers like Green Energy UK. Below are just some of the providers that offer green electricity as standard, with many more offering optional green energy tariffs:

  • Bulb

  • E.ON

  • Shell Energy

  • Ecotricity

Are the cheapest electricity-only tariffs on a prepayment meter?

No, not usually. Prepayment meters are generally priced higher even than variable tariffs because they are designed to ensure late or missed payments are eliminated, so value for money isn’t a priority.  

Should I have separate gas and electricity plans?

Like we said, the main reason to have two separate plans is to help you find the best deal. If the convenience of having one consolidated bill, one direct debit and one help line when things go wrong is more important to you than a few extra pounds saved per month, then by all means go for dual fuel – you may find that these are the ones that offer the best value anyway.

When can I change to an electricity-only plan?

You can switch electricity supplier at any time, but energy contract exit fees may apply. Some suppliers, like Octopus, will help cover any exit fees if it means gaining a new customer, so be sure to look into this before making a switch. If you are on a variable plan in the last 49 days of your fixed energy plan then you can switch without penalty.

Can I switch from single fuel to dual fuel?

Of course, you can. The only obstacle to changing providers are those aforementioned exit fees – unless you are in energy debt

What is Economy 7 in the context of electricity-only tariffs?

Economy 7 is a type of electricity-only plan that charges you less for usage in certain hours. The day is split into peak and non-peak hours and, if you are able to move your usage to off-peak hours, you can make significant savings. It’s definitely worth looking into this option if these hours work for you and you’re looking for an electricity-only plan. Economy 10 plans extend this to ten hours of off-peak energy.

How often can I change energy suppliers?

If your plan doesn’t have any exit plans and you aren’t in debt, then you can switch every 28 days.