Would you switch banks for cashback on your debit card?

Credit cards have offered cashback for many years but now debit cards are joining the party. So how do cashback debit cards work and should you switch your current account to cash in?
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For a long time now one of the major selling points of using a credit card was the rewards and cash back up for grabs.

Now, some major UK banks offer cash back debit cards, UK wide, giving you the chance to earn some money back on your day to day spending.

This welcome bonus has come after new rules were introduced to make switching your current account easier - now the banks have to work harder to attract and keep your custom.

So, now that current account cashback is out of the box how exactly can you take advantage and is it worth ditching your bank if they don't join in the cashback party?

How do cashback debit cards work?

Whenever you spend money using your debit card details of your transaction are logged by your bank, including how much you've spent, where and when.

Using this information some UK banks are now paying cashback into your account every time you spend money online or in store for certain retailers.

Some banks will automatically work out how much cash back you've earned while others will make you jump through a few hoops to cash in.

Some banks have extended their cashback offers to other current account transactions, including direct debits and standing orders - so you can earn money back on things like your utility bills and council tax.

Who offers cashback with their current accounts?

At the time of writing the following banks offer cash back incentives with some of their current accounts:

  • Halifax

  • NatWest

  • Santander

  • Lloyds

  • TSB

  • Royal Bank of Scotland

  • Barclays

All the cash back schemes vary considerably with some offering higher rates at a select number of shops, and others giving you the option to shop at hundreds of stores but paying a lower rate in return.

Where can you get cashback debit cards??

This will depend on your bank, with different banks offering cashback and incentives for different stores.

So far well-known high street stores and supermarkets including New Look, Morrisons, and Caffè Nero have signed up to some of the new schemes.

The Santander 123 account takes this even further by offering cashback on things like your council tax, broadband and utility bills.

The easiest way to check where you can cash in is by visiting your bank's website.

How much cashback can you get?

Again this depends on where you bank and where you shop.

Halifax has launched Cashback Extras offering up to 15% cashback.

To redeem the offers you need to log into your online banking and activate each offer before heading out to the shops.

The NatWest rewards scheme gives you cashback on your household bills when you pay them by direct debit.

Finally, the Santander 123 account gives you cashback on your household bills paid using your direct debits. You'll get 1% back on your council tax and water bills, 2% back on utilities and 3% back on mobile, landline, broadband and digital TV payments.

Is it worth switching your current account?

While current account cashback is a nice bonus and worth taking advantage of if you can, it should not be the only reason you move your bank account.

In fact there are plenty of other more important factors that could save you more cash if you're on the hunt for the best current account.

If you need an overdraft you will be better off finding an account that gives you the cheapest borrowing possible, equally if you hold a large credit balance in your current account you should consider interest paying current accounts before making a decision.

For more finding the right account try comparing accounts for yourself using our current account comparison table.

New bank accounts are offered all the time, so compare all of the best options to make sure you get the right one for you.