You can apply for normal current accounts if you are a student, but you can also get bank accounts designed for you.

This comparison includes every student bank account in the UK. They are only available if you are in full time higher education, and they often include benefits like:

  • An interest free overdraft that lets you borrow money for free

  • Freebies for opening the account like gift vouchers, shopping discounts or a Railcard

  • Interest paid if you keep your savings, student loan or other money in your account

  • Rewards like cashback when you spend or pay bills

Check the overdraft

An interest free overdraft is usually the most important feature you can get with a student bank account.

You can use them to borrow money for free. The amount you could save if you get the right overdraft is likely to be much more than any account freebies, interest or cashback are worth.

To choose the best overdraft deal, check:

  • How long they are interest free, which can be for several years. Overdrafts that are free for longer give you more time to pay them off without paying fees or interest.

  • The overdraft limit, which can be several thousand pounds with some accounts. If you spend more than the maximum, you are usually charged a fee and interest.

If you find an overdraft that is interest free for several years, you could pay it back after you graduate and get a full time job.

This comparison shows each account's overdraft limit and how long it lasts. Here is how student overdrafts work and what to look for when you compare them.

Check what else each account offers

Student accounts come with the same features as normal bank accounts, like:

Some other features do not come with every bank account, so look for accounts with the following if you need them:

  • Internet banking, which lets you manage your account online

  • A nearby branch if you need to pay in cheques or cash

  • A cheque book if you need one to pay rent or other bills

If several accounts offer a big enough overdraft, enough time to pay it back after you graduate and all the other features you need, choose the one that offers the best freebies or benefits.

Student bank accounts FAQs


Am I eligible for a student account?


You usually have to be at least 18, living in the UK and studying a full time course at a college or university. Some banks have extra requirements too.


Are student bank accounts free?


Most are free to use but may charge you for some services or if you go over your overdraft limit. Some premium accounts charge a monthly fee.


Can I access my bank account on my computer, phone or tablet?


Yes, most banks let you manage your account, check your balance and transfer money using their website or mobile app.


Can I open a student bank account online?


Yes, you can apply for most student accounts using the bank's website.


What happens after I graduate?


Some change over to a graduate account with an interest free overdraft for one or more years. If not, you can switch to a new graduate account.


Can I get an account as a mature student?


Yes, because most banks do not set a maximum age. As long as you are in full time education, you should be eligible for a student account.


Can I have more than one student account?


Most banks only let you open one if it is your only student account. You may be rejected if you apply for a second account.

About our current accounts comparison


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