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How to use interest free credit cards to book holidays

Going on holiday is one of life’s great pleasures, though paying for it can be a challenge. Especially if you do not have the disposable income or the savings to pay for your holiday up front. But by using a 0% purchase credit card with a long interest free period, you could spread the cost of your holiday over a few months or even a couple of years. A 0% purchase credit card could be your ticket to well deserved sunshine or snow time. But you must pay back the full amount within the interest free period, and comply with all the terms and conditions.

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Watch the video to see how Joe and Sarah avoided paying interest on their dream holiday

Joe and Sarah used an interest free purchase card to spread the cost of their holiday over two years. With a standard credit card, the same holiday would have cost them an extra £652 in interest.

If you're looking to use a 0% interest credit card to pay for a holiday, financial comparison sites are a good way to find the best interest free credit card before you book. 

Money.co.uk lets you compare our best interest-free credit card offers, so you can find the ideal 0% credit card quickly and conveniently.

Remember to always read the terms and conditions of your interest-free credit card first. If you fail to meet any terms, you could risk losing the 0% interest offer and incurring additional charges. 

For example, missing a repayment deadline. You'll be charged a late fee and get a mark on your credit file, which could affect your chances of getting new credit in the future.

Compare credit cards using our comparison table. We can help you find an interest free credit card today.

Example figures are for illustrative purposes only. Eligibility for credit products are credit check dependent.