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Compare park home insurance quotes and you could find cheaper cover. You could get new for old replacement cover for your valuables and protect your mobile home against damage.

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How to find the right park home insurance

Price isn't the only factor you should consider when looking for a park home insurance policy. Think about the cover you need then compare quotes to find the best price.

Decide what to cover

Park home insurance policies usually cover:

  • Fire, flood and storm damage: This covers your park home if it burns down or is damaged by poor weather.

  • Vandalism: This can reimburse you to fix damage caused by vandals.

  • Theft or loss: This covers your park home should you lose it or it gets stolen.

  • Public liability: This covers your legal expenses if your park home accidentally injures someone or causes damage to someone else's property.

Some insurers may also cover your contents but this may cost you extra.

Things to look out for

Check if insurers have any exclusions when you get quotes. This will help you avoid the risk of surprise bills if something goes wrong. Common exclusions include:

  • Wear and tear: Your park home will not be covered for damage that occurs naturally over time.

  • Unoccupied home theft: Your park home is not protected if it has been left empty for more than a set period, e.g. 90 days or more.

  • Damage caused by smoking: Your insurer will not protect your park home against damage caused by a smoking habit.

Get quotes

Get park home insurance quotes from different providers and choose the one that best suits your needs

Make sure you choose an excess you can afford to pay if you make a claim, otherwise your insurer may be reject it.

Park home insurance FAQs

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Why compare caravan insurance with

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