There are three levels of cover you can choose from for your motorhome:

  • Fully comprehensive: This covers accidental damage, vandalism, fire, theft and any third party damage or injury you cause.

  • Third party, fire and theft: This covers any third party damage or injury as well as damage caused by fire, or if your motorhome is stolen.

  • Third party only: This only covers third party damage or injury you cause while driving your motorhome. Not all insurers offer this level of cover.

These levels are the same as those offered by a car insurance policy. Here is how to work out which level you should choose.

It is a legal requirement to insure your motorhome, and you must have at least third party only cover to drive it on the road.

What vehicles can motorhome insurance cover?

It can cover most types of motorised caravan, including:

  • Motorhomes

  • Camper vans

  • American RVs

If you have a touring caravan you tow behind your car, you will need a different policy. You can compare all caravan insurance types here.

How to find the best policy

Once you have chosen the level of cover you need, compare policies by looking at what else they offer:

  • Foreign use cover: This covers you to drive your motorhome in Europe for a set number of days during the policy, e.g. 90 days each year.

  • Contents cover: This covers the personal belongings you keep in your motorhome up to a set amount, e.g. 5,000. Find out what contents are covered here.

  • New for old cover: This means your motorhome or any contents will be replaced with a new model if they are stolen or damaged beyond repair.

  • Extra cover options: You can add policy extra like breakdown cover, excess protection and travel insurance to extend your cover.

You can then use this comparison to find motorhome insurance policies that offer the protection you need, and choose the best cover at the cheapest price.

Motorhome insurance FAQs


Can I cover my motorhome with car insurance?


No, car insurance does not cover motorhomes. You can find a specialist motorhome insurance policy using this comparison.


Do I need to have motorhome insurance?


Yes, it is illegal to drive your motorhome without insurance, and it could save you an expensive bill if anything goes wrong.


Will the contents of my motorhome be covered?


Yes, most policies cover the contents of your motorhome. Work out how much your contents are worth so you know how much cover you need.


Will I be covered to take my motorhome abroad?


Some insurers offer European cover for a set number of days each year, but may charge you extra to add it to your policy.


Do I have to pay when I make a claim?


Yes, you have to pay an excess, which is a set amount you have to pay towards the cost of any claim you make.

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How do we make money from our comparison?


We have commercial agreements with some of the companies in this comparison and get paid commission if we help you take out one of their products or services. Find out more here.

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