If you own a caravan it represents a significant asset - not only financially but also because of the holiday potential bound up in it. While most people don't hesitate to protect their other assets (or indeed their holidays) with specific insurance policies, many overlook the benefits of insuring their caravan itself.

With caravan insurance UK cover is not a legal requirement (unlike motorhomes, for which insurance is compulsory). However if you do buy a policy you'll get that all-important security against the unexpected and can holiday in the knowledge you're financially protected.

It is as important as ever to shop around and get the best, cheapest and most appropriate cover for your home-from-home. Most caravan insurance companies offer different policies that are tailored to meet the specific insurance needs associated with owning different types of caravan.

Therefore whether you want to buy touring caravan insurance or static caravan insurance, you need to be confident that the policy you choose will provide the protection you need.

Touring Caravan insurance

Touring Caravan Insurance is available for all mobile caravans that you tow behind your vehicle. However you still need to decide exactly what sort of cover you need: do you tend to holiday at home, or abroad? Where is your caravan stored when not in use?

As a starting point, most insurance companies provide liability protection as well as cover for loss and damage to your caravan due to vandalism, theft, fire or flood within their most basic insurance policies.

Many will also cover caravan equipment, fixtures and fittings such as awnings, security devices, steps and verandas, the cost of which can and does add up.

Some insurance providers will also offer protection for any personal possessions left in the caravan as part of the policy, although you should check the exact level of cover on offer - especially if you don't have a secure parking place for your caravan.

When taking out touring caravan insurance compare the benefits offered with the way in which you use your caravan, to ensure that the protection you are paying for is right for you. For example, you might be able to get a discount by agreeing to limited usage and mileage.

Get as many insurance quotes as possible to see what the going rates are for particular features. It also pays to compare caravan insurance as thoroughly as possible.

Travel abroad regularly?

If you travel abroad often, or just intend to take your caravan to the continent 'one day', you will need to make sure that your policy includes European cover.

European caravan insurance will probably mean increased monthly premiums, but its protection could prove invaluable if you do find yourself facing problems abroad where all costs will prove much higher.

If it is offered, check that transportation to and from an appropriate repair centre is covered in case your caravan is damaged, or you might find yourself with a bill for haulage all the way back to the UK!

Also, if you rely on your caravan for accommodation check whether alternative arrangements will be paid for should your caravan become unusable.

Static Caravan insurance

The other side of the coin from touring caravan insurance is insurance for static caravans.

A host of factors come into play for static caravans, such as their site, security, and usage.

A static caravan insurance comparison will help you research whether things like the cost of debris removal from your caravan site will be included as standard, should your caravan become damaged beyond repair. If not, you will need to consider the higher monthly premiums against a much larger outlay should the worst happen.

You should also be prepared to pay higher premiums if you intend to allow others to use you static caravan, while some caravan insurance companies won't allow it at all.

However, there are discounts to be had for static caravan insurance too: concessions are offered by providers as a reward for installing enhanced security features, or for caravan club membership, etc.

You will quickly discover what is and what isn't included when you compare static caravan insurance, but you will still need to check the terms relating to your caravan policy carefully.

For instance many caravan insurance companies make certain assumptions about the security devices used and the way in which your caravan will be stored when not in use. You will need to make sure you comply with any assumptions made by the insurance company so you don't invalidate your policy.

For all caravans

Regardless of the type of caravan you own, by choosing a comprehensive level of cover that matches the way you use it, you can be confident that wherever you venture and whatever you do you will be financially protected against the unexpected.

People that compare caravan insurance invariably get the best deals, so shop around and make sure to get more than just one caravan insurance quote.

Use our caravan insurance comparison tables to get the best level of cover and cheapest deals appropriate to your circumstances.

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