Younger drivers are able to get temporary car insurance, but you will need to compare quotes to get the best price.

If you are under 21 temporary or short-term car insurance can be expensive, but it is possible to get cover if you shop around. Find out how to make sure you get the cheapest quote possible.

Can I get temporary car insurance if I am under 21?

Most temporary car insurance policies will offer cover to someone who has held a valid driving licence for at least 12 months.

You can compare car insurance policies for new drivers but any policy quotes you get for temporary insurance will be expensive.

If you are aged between 17 and 20 you will be considered more of a risk and insurers that do offer this cover may set restrictions, such as:

  • You must have held a valid driving licence for at least 12 months

  • You must not have eight or more penalty points on your licence

  • You must not have any pending prosecutions

Day insurance for young drivers

Most temporary car insurance policies offer cover from between one to 28 days, but you can get cover as a learner for up to five months.

The cost of short-term cover is calculated per day, so try to only pay for the length of cover you need.

  • Think about what you need the cover for, for example if you are home from university

  • Work out how many days you are back, e.g. 25 days

  • Look for a policy that will cover this period, e.g. cover up to 28 days

  • Compare prices and policies to find the best deal

If you just need one day car insurance, you can compare policies here.

You should also look at exactly what a car insurance policy covers.

Temporary car insurance or annual policy?

If you need insurance for more than a month it could work out cheaper to buy an annual policy and cancel it, even though you will need to pay a cancellation fee.

This guide shows how cancelling an annual policy can be cheaper than short term cover.

Compare annual car insurance here

Temporary car insurance for students under 21

If you are a student under 21 then temporary car insurance is a good option if you only need cover for 24 hours, and it is cheaper than buying an annual policy and cancelling it.

As well as the age of the driver you will also need to check the policy's other acceptance requirements, including:

Cheaper one-day or temporary car insurance for under 21s

There a few things you can try to keep the cost down if you need short term car insurance.

Increase the excess on your policy
Make sure you can afford it because the excess set by insurers can be as much as 1,000 for drivers who are 18.

Find out how car insurance excess works here.

Shop around for short term car insurance
Compare as many quotes as you can and only get cover for the exact period you need it, because you could end up paying over the odds for 24 hours of cover you do not use.

[item]Be a named driver
If you cannot find affordable temporary cover you could try being added as a named driver to someone else's policy.

You will need to the permission of the policy holder to do this, and it could mean the cost of the insurance goes up and their no claims bonus could be at risk.

Temporary car insurance for learner drivers
If you have not passed your driving test, you will need to look for specialist learner driver insurance, or if you think you will need cover for the long term, get an annual young drivers policy.

Temporary car insurance for under 21's - FAQs


Why is temporary car insurance for under 21's more expensive?


Young drivers are more likely to be involved in accidents and make insurance claims, and those claims often involve injuries to other young people that make claims cost more, so car insurers charge them more.


Can I get car insurance for a short term?


Yes, you can get cover that lasts from one day up to a month. Here is when you should consider short term car insurance.


What is the youngest age I can get temporary cover?


Most insurers will only cover you if you are at least 18 years old, because you will need to have had a valid driving licence for at least a year.


Can I get temporary cover with a provisional licence?


No, but you can get a temporary learner's policy with a provisional driver's licence. Here is how to find the right learner's policy.


Do I need insurance as a learner?


Yes, you must be insured if learning in your car or someone else's. Find out how to get learner drivers cover here.


Does temporary cover include breakdown?


Most temporary car insurance policies will include breakdown cover as standard, but you may be given the option to add it at an extra cost.


What happens if I do not have car insurance?


It is illegal to drive in the UK without insurance it and you could face a fixed fine, six points on your licence and your car being seized and destroyed.


Is the excess higher on short term policies?


Yes it can be, especially if you are a younger driver. Some insurers will set an excess of as much as 1,000 for short term cover.