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What is multi-car insurance?

Multi-car insurance policies are intended for covering two or more cars in a single household and offer discounts for each car added. You can usually add up to five cars to one policy, although some policies allow more.

A multi-car policy may be easier to manage than multiple separate policies. You'll have one insurer for everything, and all the renewals will take place at the same time, which many people find convenient.

You can usually add up to five cars to one policy, although some policies allow more.

What information do I need to share to get multi-car insurance?

When you get quotes for multi-car insurance, you'll need to share information about the cars and drivers you want to cover.

This could include details about: 

  • The cars’ number plates, makes, models and mileages

  • The drivers’ names, addresses, dates of birth, claims records, no claims bonus histories and driving convictions.

  • The previous policy renewal dates, level of multi-car insurance cover you want along with any extras, such as breakdown cover.

How to choose the best multi-car insurance

It’s important that you find the right cover for your needs, so here are three things to consider during the decision making process:

Compare quotes

Start by comparing multi-car insurance options from numerous providers. This will give you an overview of the best deals on the market, enabling you to choose the policy that suits you best.

Check the terms and conditions

When you are comparing different options, always check the terms and conditions to ensure you are getting the cover you need. Remember, cheapest is always the best.

Don’t forget about individual policies

You should also compare individual policies for each driver because this could be a cheaper way to get cover.

Pros and cons


Convenience: having just one policy can be easier to manage than different policies, which may be with various insurers
Savings: you can sometimes get a discount when insuring multiple people and vehicles on a single policy


Cost: a multi-car policy can be more expensive if you’re looking to insure people with little experience, who have made multiple claims, or who have motoring convictions
Claim impact: If one person claims, it could make the whole policy more expensive in the future
Lump-sum expense: If you pay for your insurance annually, insuring several cars all at once can require you to make a large one-off payment


Can I add more cars to a multi-car insurance policy at any time?

Yes. You can add cars when you like, including when your existing single-car cover expires or when you purchase a car. The renewal date for your multi-car insurance policy depends on your insurer. Some insurers have a single renewal date for their multi-car policies with all the cars’ policies renewing on the date that you first took out the policy (the date the first car was added).

Who can be insured on a multi-car insurance policy?

Most multi-car policies will only cover cars that are registered to the same household. This means that a multi-car insurance policy can be a good option for:

  • Families with several drivers

  • People in a couple who each have a car

  • Individuals with more than one car

Some policies do cover drivers living at different addresses, but not all. This type of policy might suit couples who live separately or families that have children at university.

Do all cars have to be insured at the same time?

No, most multi-car policies will start from the date the last car is added.

However, how the renewal is decided will depend on the insurer. The cars will either have one renewal date based on the first car added to the policy. Or each car will have separate renewal dates, based on when they were added to the multi-car policy.

Will multi-car insurance save me money?

Multi-car insurance policies offer a discount for each car added. It's not always cheaper than taking out individual policies, so be sure to shop around for individual quotes from different providers.

This guide gives an example of how separate deals can sometimes be cheaper than multi-car insurance cover.

Can I add named drivers?

Yes, adding a named driver is no different. You cannot automatically drive the other cars on the policy unless you are added as a named driver.

Will it affect my no claims if someone else claims?

No, only the person that makes the claim will be affected, however if a named driver on your vehicle claims it could impact your no-claims bonus.

Can I insure my car and work vehicle on the same policy?

Some insurers will cover both, but you will need to be the registered keeper of both vehicles, and they must be kept at your address.

Can you get add-ons with multi-car insurance?

Yes, as with any insurance, you can pay more to add extras features to your insurance. This could include things like:

  • Roadside assistance: Helpful if you break down

  • Courtesy car: Keeps you on the road if your car's out of action

  • Windscreen repair: – Covers you if your windscreen is chipped or cracked

  • Personal injury cover: Pays compensation if you’re injured in a traffic accident, even if you found to be at fault

  • Emergency helpline: Provides 24-hour access to support

What’s a linked multi-car policy?

Typically, people keep their multi-car cover all on one single policy. The cover is the same for all the drivers on the policy, but there is another option known as a linked multi-car policy, where your multi-car insurance is made up of several, individual policies, each with different cover and benefits. One person might have third-party, fire and theft cover with added breakdown cover, for example, while another might have fully comprehensive insurance.

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