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How to compare minibus insurance


Enter your details

Enter a few details as this helps us to find the right minibus insurance so that we can provide our best quotes. Minibuses are flexible vehicles that can be used in a huge variety of circumstances.


Compare quotes

We'll search our database of leading providers and show you the best deals we can find. Insurance for minibuses can be costly as they can be large, expensive vehicles and the more passengers they carry, the greater the risks involved.


Apply and save

Review all the details and simply pick the best minibus insurance deal for you and apply. The type of insurance needed for a minibus or MPV will depend on the vehicle and the sort of use it's put to. You can also buy or add optional extras for your minibus insurance.

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Performance Direct Minibus Insurance
Cover for up to
23 passengers
Vehicle use
Commercial & private
No claims & multi car
Performance Direct Minibus Insurance
This is an insurance broker.
Available Direct
Minimum Age21 years
Maximum Age70 years
Permanent UK Resident
DNA Insurance Minibus Insurance
Cover for up to
17 passengers
Vehicle use
Commercial & private
No claims & multi car
DNA Insurance Minibus Insurance
This is an insurance broker.
Available Direct
Available Online
Minimum Age21 years
Permanent UK Resident
Quotax Minibus Insurance
Cover for up to
16 passengers
Vehicle use
Commercial & private
No claims
Quotax Minibus Insurance
This is an insurance broker.
Available Direct
Minimum Age21 years
Permanent UK Resident

Do you need minibus insurance?

Minibuses have many different uses and because of that they can be expensive to insure. Find out what type of cover you need and how to find the best deal.

If you want to drive a minibus, commercially or privately, you will need minibus insurance.

Do I need minibus insurance?

A minibus is a vehicle that can carry between nine and 16 people. Anything over 16 seats is classified as a coach.

Minibuses have many different uses. They are used as taxis, or by organisations such as schools or charities to transport club members, but they can also be used on a private basis to transport family and friends.

Insurance for minibuses can be expensive because they do tend to carry a larger number of passengers than a car.

Do I need minibus insurance?

It depends how many seats your minibus has.

  • If you use a vehicle privately with less than nine seats, you should look for a standard car insurance policy

  • If you are going to be using the vehicle privately or commercial and it has between nine and 16 seats you will need minibus insurance

What is MPV insurance?

A minibus is also known as an MPV, or multi passenger vehicle.

Minibus insurance and minibus uses

You will need a specific minibus insurance policy for use such as:

  • Using a minibus for a charity, school, nursing home or other club or group

  • Driving a minibus as your private vehicle

There are other uses of a minibus or MPV which will require specific insurance.

Taxi or private hire minibus insurance

If you are using the minibus as a taxi - this is known as Hire and Reward usage and you will need to take out taxi insurance. When you compare tax insurance quotes you will need to have to hand information as to the exact minibus type and its number of seats

You will also need to consider:

  • Are you insuring one car or several (a fleet)

  • As you are responsible for other passengers - public liability cover

  • Like car insurance you can get quotes for windscreen, breakdown and legal cover

Van insurance for minibuses

If you use your minibus commercially but you don't carry other passengers for reward you may find van insurance a more appropriate form of cover

Private MPVs are more likely to need car insurance than van insurance

Short-term minibus insurance

If you don't own a minibus you may only want to insure your minibus for a short period of time.

  • If you are hiring a minibus you may be insured through the hire firm.

  • If you are borrowing your minibus from family or friends you can be added as a named driver.

  • You may be better taking out short-term car insurance

Getting an online quote for your minibus insurance

When you put your vehicle's details in for the quote the insurer will be able to see that the vehicle you are seeking cover for is a minibus. Remember to double check the details so you get the right cover for the right vehicle.

Do I need a PSV licence to drive a minibus?

Before you start looking for minibus insurance check your driving licence

  • This will tell you what vehicles you are allowed to drive

  • These details are on your driving licence photocard, or online at GOV.UK.

Minibuses are category D1 vehicles; if your licence does not confirm you can drive this category you will need to apply to add higher categories. To drive a minibus in the UK you will also need to:

  • Be at least 21 years old

  • Have held a driving licence for at least two years

Using a minibus as a taxi

If you are a taxi driver you will need either a public or private hire minibus insurance policy:

  • Public hire taxis do not need to be pre-booked, and can be hailed from the street

  • Private hire taxis must be booked in advance

  • Larger taxis like minibuses and MPVs are usually private hire

Here is everything you need to know about taxi insurance

Minibus insurance FAQs

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