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Always shop around for car cover in your 70s

Last updated: 29 September 2020

Although your car cover when you hit 70 years old will probably still be cheaper than young drivers pay, car insurance premiums do start to increase when you are in your seventies. The negatives are insurer fears that older drivers have slower reactions and medical problems. The positives are experience and the likelihood of fewer miles each year.

To get the best deal and beat increasing prices never accept your renewal quote, because it is unlikely to be the cheapest available for your needs. Always look at as many options as you can.

Cheap car insurance for over 70s should not be your only goal

You should never choose your car insurance policy on price alone.

Make sure the policy you buy provides all the cover you need, because the wrong level of protection could cost you more in the long run.

Look at policies designed for older drivers as they can offer extra benefits like:

  • Emergency any driver cover: This means someone else can take over driving and take your car home in the event of a medical emergency

  • Get you home service: If you cannot drive your car following an accident this will cover the cost of emergency travel or accommodation up to a set limit

  • Message relay service: This will contact a friend or relative if you are involved in an accident

  • Limited mileage: Insurers may lower premiums if you drive few miles each year

Can I get insured after 80?

Many car insurers offer policies for those over 80 and beyond. Read our guide to car insurance for the over 80s.

Tips on paying less for pensioners

If you want to pay as little as possible for your cover you could try:

  • Paying annually for your cover to avoid monthly payments, which usually cost more overall

  • Driving safely to keep or increase your no claims discount

  • Getting a discount with a multi car insurance policy if you have more than one car in your household. But still check each vehicle individually as this can sometimes work out to your advantage

For more tips, try these 10 ways to cut your car insurance costs.

Car insurance for over 70s FAQs

Why could car insurance cost more now I am over 70?

Statistics show that drivers over 70 are more likely to be involved in a crash and suffer serious injury, so insurers charge more to cover the increased risk.

Is there a maximum age for car insurance?

Yes, many insurers will set a maximum age on their policies, from between 70 and 110 years old. Some insurers do offer policies with no maximum age.

Do I have to inform my insurer when I retire?

Yes, you should let your insurance company know when any of your personal details change because it could affect your cover, this guide explains how. When you stop work, you may be able to abandon "business usage" cover. This may reduce costs.

Is it cheaper to pay annually or monthly?

Paying annually is usually cheaper because if you pay monthly you will be charged interest of up to 30%.

Should I protect my no claims bonus?

It could be worth paying to protect your bonus because losing it by making a claim could mean a huge increase in the cost of your cover when you renew. This will also apply in subsequent years. However, it is the percentage bonus that is protected, not the actual premium. You can transfer a no claims discount so if an insurer pushes up premiums substantially after a claim, you can shop around.

Will I be insured to drive other cars?

If you have a fully comprehensive policy you might be covered to drive other people's cars, but some polices do not allow you to drive other cars at all. Check first.

Do I need added extras?

Check what comes as standard with your policy before you add extras like breakdown cover. Here is how to work out which extras you might need.

What else do older drivers need to know?

You (or any other driver on the policy) must renew a UK driving licence when at age 70. It must then be renewed every three years. Renewal is free of charge and is generally simple. You must be able to declare that you are in good health to drive (an adapted car if needed) and that you can read a standard number plate at 20 metres (with glasses or contact lenses if prescribed). These are standards that apply whatever your age. If you fail to renew or do not declare a known medical condition that could affect your driving, your insurer could invalidate your policy.

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