Peer to peer business lending works by letting you borrow money from investors, rather than a bank, using a specialist lender.

You could borrow more with a P2P business loan compared to other types of loan.

Depending on the lender, you could apply for a P2P business loan with a term from 1 month up to 5 years.

How to get the best peer to peer business loan

You need to find the lowest Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for the amount and term you want to borrow over.

This comparison shows the loan terms that each peer to peer business lender offers, and the amounts you can apply for.

To find out the APR offered by each lender, visit their website by clicking on the loans above and compare as many as possible to find the cheapest rate.

Why choose a P2P business loan?

You can usually get a lower APR compared to other business loans, but not every business will be eligible to apply.

For example, some lenders will not accept your application if you are a start-up business, or have been trading less than a year.

Some lender's may also expect your business to have a minimum annual turnover, e.g. over 75,000, so make sure you check each lender's loan criteria before you apply.

What can you use a P2P business loan for?

You can use a P2P business loan for most business expenses, including:

  • Wages: have the cash available to pay your staff for a short time

  • Rent: cover the cost of keeping your business running at its premises

  • Equipment: cover the cost of replacing or repairing broken equipment, or to buy equipment you do not already have

Check you can borrow money for your business expenses before you apply to avoid making an unnecessary credit application.

Peer to peer business loans FAQs


Can I apply for a business loan in my own name?


To be eligible to apply for a business loan, you usually need to be the owner of the company or a registered company director.


Can I take a payment holiday with a peer to peer business loan?


No, you have to make each loan payment each month or you could face large interest penalties.


Do I need a business account to apply for a business loan?


Some lenders require you to have a business account with them to qualify for a business loan, but some may be more flexible so ask before you apply.


Does my business have a credit record?


Yes, you can find it using a company like Experian. A poor credit record can cause your loan application to get rejected, so check before you apply.

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