If you run a market stall, the right insurance policy can cover unexpected costs so you can continue trading. This includes:

  • Damage or theft of your stall, stock or business contents

  • Compensation you have to pay if you are sued

  • Lost income due to an insured event, e.g. your stock is destroyed by a fire

The market you attend may ask for proof that you have public and product liability insurance.

You are also legally required to have employers' liability insurance if you employ anyone who is not a family member.

How much does it cost?

The price of your stallholders' insurance will be based on:

  • The type of stall you run, e.g. if you sell food, you may be more likely to claim

  • How much cover you need, e.g. the cost of replacing your stall and stock

  • How many staff you employ

  • Your annual turnover

Make sure you have the right cover for your stall, and avoid just getting the cheapest policy. You can still save by buying cover online, or paying annually instead of monthly.

What does it cover?

You can get cover for:

  • Public liability: This pays out if a member of the public is injured, or their property is damaged, because of your work. For example, your stall collapses and injures a member of the public.

  • Product liability: This pays out if you are sued because a product you sell causes injury or illness to a third party, e.g. a customer gets food poisoning.

  • Employers' liability: This pays out if an employee is injured, ill or dies at work. It is a legal requirement if you employ any staff who are not family members. This includes voluntary staff, apprentices and work experience placements.

  • Property damage: This pays out if your stall, stock or business contents are damaged or stolen. You can also get cover for stolen cash, but you may have to pay extra to add this to your policy.

This comparison only includes insurers who can offer cover to market traders. Use it to get quotes, so you can find the policy you need at the cheapest price.

Download the National Market Traders Federation's (NMTF) free guide to starting up a stall for more information.

Market traders insurance FAQs


Can I cover stock being driven to and from a market?


Yes, if you include goods in transit cover on your policy. This protects stock and equipment while it is being transported from one premises to another.


Can I get one off cover if I go to a trade fair?


No, you need specialist event insurance if your market stall is not your main source of income. Speak to a commercial broker for more information.


Do I need product liability insurance if I run a market stall?


Yes, if you sell goods that could injure a customer or make them ill. E.g. if you sell food, product liability could cover you if a customer gets food poisoning.


How long does a policy last?


Policies usually run for 12 months. Your insurer will contact you around 30 days before your policy is due to end to ask if you want to renew.


Will it cost money if I need to claim?


Yes, you need to pay an excess if you claim. The price of your excess depends on which section of cover you claim on, e.g. public liability.