The best goods in transit and public liability policy is the one that offers the cover your business needs, at the lowest price.

You can use goods in transit insurance (GIT insurance) to protect your business from losses caused when you transport or deliver goods.

The cover applies if they are stolen, lost or damaged, including by accidental collisions. Your standard car or van insurance might not cover any goods you carry.

Work out what protection your business needs, and use this comparison to save money on your insurance.

How to get the cover you need

Use this comparison to find the right insurance for your business, by checking the:

  • Types of business insured: Check your business can be covered by the policies in this comparison. For example, some insurers offer specialist cover for couriers and haulage services, but others only cover smaller businesses.

  • Goods in transit cover: This covers theft, loss or damage to goods being moved from one place to another. Most policies have a maximum cover limit, e.g. 10,000, so make sure this is enough to cover what you need.

  • Public liability options: This covers injury, illness and death to third parties caused by your business. It also covers damage to other people's property, and you can usually choose a limit of liability between 1 million and 5 million.

If you are unsure what cover your business needs, use this comparison to contact a broker. They can compare quotes for you, and advise you on what levels of cover you should get.

How to save money

Once you have worked out what cover you need, you can save money on your policy if you:

  • Compare quotes online: Use this comparison to get as many quotes as possible, so you can get what you need at the best price. You can then haggle with insurers to get the cheapest premium.

  • Take a higher voluntary excess: Picking a higher excess could save you money on your policy, but you should still choose an amount you can afford to pay if you need to claim.

  • Pay for you policy up front in full: Most insurers charge interest if you split the cost of your premium over monthly payments. If you can afford to pay in one go, your insurance will cost less.

Goods in transit and public liability FAQs


Am I covered if the delivery vehicle causes an accident?


If your goods fall off the vehicle and cause an accident, your public liability will cover this. Otherwise, the vehicle's motor insurance will cover road accidents.


What items are covered by goods in transit insurance?


Goods you are hired to move, stock being delivered to customers, and contents or equipment being moved from one location to another.


Will it cover goods while they are at a depot?


No, it only covers goods once they have left a location and are already in transit. You need separate contents insurance to cover this.


Do I need public liability insurance?


It is not a legal requirement, but it provides essential cover if your business gets sued for causing injury, illness or death to a third party.


Can I get separate cover for goods in transit and public liability?


Yes, but it is usually cheaper to combine your business insurance in one policy.