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Compare small business electricity prices

You could cut the cost of your small business electricity bills by getting a plan that charges you less. Compare energy tariffs to see which could help your business save on its electricity.

Compare energy plans for your business

How to find the best electricity for your small business

You should think about your needs as a business and compare quotes from as many energy companies as you can.

Pick your tariff

You can choose from the following business electricity deals:

  • Fixed: The cost of your electricity stays the same throughout your contract. It is usually the cheapest option, but you cannot switch until your contract ends.

  • Flexible: You pay for the energy you need up front, which lets you benefit from low rates if your usage is high. However, you may lose out if prices drop after you buy.

  • Smart meter: Your energy usage is recorded every half hour and sent to your supplier. This ensures your bill is accurate and you only pay for the electricity you use.

  • Eco: Your electricity comes from renewable resources, so your business can limit its impact on the environment.

Here is how to get the best electricity tariff for your business

How to compare quotes

To find the cheapest tariff, you should look at:

  • The unit price, which is what you pay for each kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity

  • The standing charge, which is the daily fee you pay your supplier for service

You can then negotiate with your preferred supplier by telling them about other quotes, or by making a lower offer for the price of your electricity.

Here is how to compare and switch your business electricity

Choose your contract

Most of the contracts in this comparison last between 12 and 48 months, but you can get some that are shorter or longer. To get the right contract for your business, think about:

  • How often you want the flexibility to switch

  • Whether your business is likely to grow

  • How long you are likely to stay at one location

The price of business electricity tariffs vary, so compare as many quotes as you can to find the most competitive tariff.

Small business electricity FAQs

Why do I need to get individual quotes from each supplier?

Business tariffs are based on your individual business circumstances, so you cannot compare standard prices like you would with your home energy.

Do I need to give notice to leave my current electricity contract?

Yes, even if you are nearing the end of your contract you will need to give your supplier at least 30 days' notice.

What do energy suppliers consider to be a small business?

The definition varies but usually depends on turnover, number of staff and energy usage. Speak to suppliers to make sure they can supply your business.

Can I get a domestic energy tariff?

If you work from home and your energy usage is low, it may be cheaper for you to get a home energy tariff. You can compare home electricity here.

Can I get dual fuel for my business electricity and gas?

No, business energy companies do not offer dual fuel rates. You need separate contracts for your business electricity and gas.

What is a micro business?

It is a type of small business that has more flexibility to switch and may be exempt from some taxes. Check to see if you are a micro business.

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