POP Telecom broadband review

POP Telecom is an Essex-based broadband provider, which has been trading for over 20 years. Although it’s not as well-known as some of the UK’s biggest internet service providers (ISPs), POP is rapidly growing under a motto of ‘simply communicating by communicating simply’. Our POP Telecom review considers what this family-owned business has to offer consumers.

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POP Telecom: types of broadband

POP Telecom uses the Openreach network, which covers over 95 per cent of households as the UK’s biggest fixed telephone line and fibre broadband network. POP currently offers a standard ADSL broadband service, as well as two fibre optic plans. Its deals are available on 18-month contracts featuring a fixed monthly price, with a rolling 30-day no contract option also available on ADSL as of January 2021.

POP Telecom standard broadband (ADSL)

POP’s most basic package is an affordable standard broadband service distributed over traditional phone lines, which doesn’t come with any price-inflating bells or whistles. If your household only has one or two people and you simply want to browse the internet and watch Netflix, this could be a great fit.  

POP Telecom Fibre Advanced broadband

POP Telecom’s superfast fibre optic broadband comes with two download speed ceilings. The 38Mbps Superfast Fibre Advanced plan is ideal for streaming and downloading video content or connecting multiple devices in the home, while the 45Mbps Superfast Fast Fibre is £1 a month cheaper at the time of writing, if your domestic line can support connections this rapid.

POP Telecom Fibre Infinity broadband 

The third option also falls into the superfast category, with speeds up to 67Mbps on average. The Superfast Fibre Infinity broadband is POP Telecom’s premium offering, and it’s a good fit for busier households. It’s also suitable for online gaming or uploading larger files – domestic internet connections are always biased towards downloads rather than uploads, and the latter can be slow.

As you’re comparing the POP Telecom broadband reviews, you can narrow them down to the best broadband package by thinking about your household needs. Apart from budget and speed, you should also think about whether you need a calling bundle or any little extras like Wi-Fi extenders. 

All packages come with unlimited downloads and fixed prices for the duration of your contract. 

POP Telecom broadband and calls packages

This ISP offers a number of supplementary call packages which can be added to its broadband deals. Customers can choose from three calling bundles:

  • Anytime calling: includes calls to UK landlines

  • Anytime plus mobile calling: adds UK mobiles to the above plan

  • Anytime plus Euro and USA calling: As above, but with European and US landlines included.

It’s important to note that these packages are currently capped at 1,200 minutes per month, but only the first 59 minutes of each call is free.

POP Telecom router and extras

All POP Telecom broadband deals include a free router, though it’s quite basic. Customers on a tight budget should note the router delivery isn’t free and will incur a delivery charge. Costs will also be levied if you need to have a new landline installed, while standard installation wait times are in line with the industry average at roughly two weeks. 

Homeowners needing to support multiple devices can upgrade to a more advanced router that supports dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi connections, with three fixed antennas and USB ports. Other additional extras which can be purchased separately include: 

  • Wi-Fi extenders

  • Powerline adapters

  • ROKU Express Stick for smart TV features

POP Telecom broadband speeds 

Average connection speeds vary according to the choice of standard or fibre packages, as well as your property’s geographic location and the time of day. Speeds might be lower at peak times like evenings and weekends, but these are the average POP Telecom broadband speeds: 

  • Standard broadband: 11Mbps download, 1Mbps upload

  • Superfast Fibre Advanced: 35Mbps download, 10Mbps upload

  • Superfast Fibre Infinity: 63Mbps download, 19Mbps upload

These speeds are typical for providers reliant on the Openreach network, but POP doesn't offer any options that go beyond superfast. It does provide truly unlimited data, which means that it doesn’t manage traffic to artificially slow down the network. This means that published upload and download speeds should be reliable. 

POP Telecom customer reviews

When it comes to POP Telecom broadband reviews, the company holds an Excellent rating on TrustPilot as of January 2021, with 69 percent of ratings providing five stars and a further 11 per cent giving POP four stars. Many customer advisors are mentioned by name as being particularly helpful with setting up new accounts. The company’s customer service support centre is open from 9am to 6pm on weekdays, with the option of phone calls and live chat. 

Where POP Telecom does receive complaints, they tend to mention issues like poor download and upload speeds, which would potentially be true of any other ISP using the same Openreach technology. To research this type of issue before signing up to a fixed-term contract, it’s always advisable to check what broadband speeds will be like in your area.

At the same time, like any other broadband provider, not all POP Telecom reviews are so glowing. At present, 14 percent of TrustPilot reviews are one-star, with complaints again relating to speeds not living up to their advertised promise. This is yet another reason why it’s always a good idea to compare broadband options carefully, even if it’s a provider you’ve been using for years. 

POP Telecom review: pros and cons

Updated 21 January 2021
Fixed pricesNo ultrafast connections or full fibre support
Anytime calling plans availableNo premium TV bundles
Highly rated customer serviceNo special incentives or bonuses
Superfast fibre optic broadbandNo customer app

Is POP Telecom any good?

As with any smaller ISP, there are advantages and disadvantages to POP Telecom’s services. Its prices are low because it’s a no-frills phone and internet provider, which doesn’t dabble with television or mobile services. Don’t expect any extras, bonuses or discount vouchers when you sign up for a plan, though these are affordably priced. Other providers may also offer more advanced technology like smartphone apps or online account management.

POP Telecom customer service reviews are very positive – far more so than bigger providers, whose names appear to be mud with the members of review sites like Trustpilot. And as part of the Openreach network, POP Telecom broadband is available in most locations throughout the UK. Speeds may vary depending on location, so be sure to check what’s available in your postcode.

POP Telecom’s fibre plans do bring speeds of over 60Mbps into households served by Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) connectivity rather than slower telephone line-based ADSL services, though there are also basic plans for those who simply want a very basic service. You can also bundle your broadband with anytime calling plans, which is good for anyone who wants an easy monthly bill, and no contract services are available.

Overall, POP Telecom is a good option for anyone seeking a basic yet reliable broadband service, with fixed price points and friendly customer service.

Last updated: 21 January 2021