NOW broadband review

NOW TV, which is owned by Sky, was established in the UK in 2012 and operates across several countries under various names. It was created to provide flexible access to films, TV and sport on a non-contract, pay monthly basis. Since 2016, NOW has also provided fixed home broadband for UK consumers. From early 2018, this service was rebranded as NOW Broadband.

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NOW TV broadband review

NOW Broadband is carving a niche for itself as a provider of reasonably priced broadband on very flexible contract terms. At time of writing (October 2020) NOW supplies broadband on 12-month contracts and also on a no-contract basis, where customers pay monthly and are free to cancel at any time without penalty. In a world where many home broadband deals are for 18 or 24 months, that makes NOW Broadband a great choice for anyone wanting to keep their options open. 

NOW Broadband offers reasonable prices, ranging from £18 to £28 a month with a 12-month contract at the time of writing. The 12-month contract option has no activation fee, while the no contract, cancel any time version of the plan has an activation fee of £60.

NOW Broadband customers can also get discounted NOW TV passes, and all broadband packages come with free anytime calling for a year. Line rental is included for all packages, but there is a £9.99 delivery fee. All NOW Broadband packages allow unlimited downloads.

NOW TV broadband comes in three versions:

Brilliant Broadband

Brilliant Broadband is NOW Broadband’s entry-level ADSL broadband package, providing an average download speed of 11Mbps. That’s fine for one or two-person households which don’t stream or share a lot of content, though an ADSL connection may struggle with HD video. 

Fab Fibre

As the name suggests, this is the first of NOW’s fibre broadband options, achieving speeds of 36Mbps. That’s around the average UK broadband speed, and enough for most multi-person households using the internet conventionally, even with more than one device online at a time. It’s also sufficient for HD streaming, although perhaps not 4K consumption. Anyone who regularly downloads or shares large files, streams online games or enjoys ultra-high definition content is likely to need a faster connection.

Super Fibre

This is NOW Broadband’s fastest connection, delivering an average speed of 63Mbps. This will probably support 4K streaming, and it’ll certainly be enough for multiple devices to go online at once. 

NOW Broadband call plans

Every NOW TV Broadband plan comes with anytime calls included for the first year. That means the user only pays for international landline calls or calls to 0845/0870 numbers. 

After that, NOW Broadband offers a range of call options, including pay as you use or evenings and weekends bundles. All call packages come with a range of included and optional extras, and call charges are shown on NOW TV’s website.

NOW Broadband router

New NOW Broadband customers receive a Hub 2 Wi-Fi router with their contract. The router cost is included but there is a £9.99 delivery fee, and customers who cancel their contract must return the router.

The Hub 2 is a dual-band router with two Ethernet ports on the back. That means users can only connect two additional devices directly into the router, but NOW Broadband customers who want to add more devices can always use a network switch.

NOW TV Packages 

NOW Broadband customers can get money off NOW TV passes for the first six months, and that will be a key attraction for many prospective subscribers. NOW TV passes are an affordable way to enjoy Sky TV without a Sky contract, and they can be purchased as individual passes or in bundles. 

Like NOW Broadband, NOW TV is available on flexible, ‘cancel any time’ terms, so users can stop and start their subscriptions as they please.

NOW TV with NOW Broadband allows the customer to connect six devices (including mobile ones) to one account. This means viewers can enjoy NOW TV passes on any of those devices. By adding NOW TV Boost to their account, users can watch three different films, shows or sporting events on different devices at the same time.

As of October 2020, the following NOW TV passes are available for use with NOW Broadband:

  • Entertainment (TV shows and box sets)

  • Sky Cinema (films on demand)

  • Sky Sports (11 channels of sport)

  • Kids (on-demand children’s shows without adverts)

  • Hayu (reality TV shows)

NOW Broadband reviews

NOW Broadband reviews on Trustpilot and similar platforms are a mixed bunch. Some NOW Broadband reviews praise the company’s short contract lengths and competitive prices, but there are quite a few complaints about poor customer service. 

Despite this, NOW Broadband has won various accolades. In the Uswitch Mobile and Broadband Awards 2020, the brand won Best Value Broadband Provider and Best Broadband Provider of the Year.

NOW TV Broadband reviews: pros and cons

Updated 5 November 2020
ADSL and fibre options available Limited TV channels compared to others
Range of speeds to choose from No ultrafast option
Choice of TV add-ons Some online reviews complain of poor customer service
Good value for money
No-contract options available
Comprehensive calling plans available

Is NOW broadband any good?

NOW TV broadband and TV services are a good option for households that want functional if not ultrafast broadband, and a range of entertainment options at a reasonable price. NOW Broadband is also great for those who don’t want to commit to a 12, 18 or 24-month contract, being one of relatively few providers that offer pay-monthly, cancel anytime options. Overall, it’s a solid choice for domestic broadband.

Last updated: 5 November 2020