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Post Office broadband deals

While still somewhat of a newer endeavour for the company, Post Office broadband – also known as PO Broadband – has secured a strong reputation for its low pricing and straightforward service.

There are currently no deals available for this provider.

The Post Office broadband network 

Post Office broadband is delivered via the TalkTalk wholesale network, though its accounts and operations are managed separately. 

While Post Office broadband doesn’t currently offer ultrafast plans, TalkTalk has recently started exploring this service, and seeing as Post Office broadband is served by the TalkTalk network, we speculate that ultrafast fibre may be on its way for Post Office broadband customers. 

Post Office Broadband deals

The Post Office currently boasts some of the best prices for broadband in the UK. Its ADSL broadband plan is currently the cheapest on the market for the speeds advertised, while Post Office fibre broadband is not the cheapest, but maintains a position as one of the better value options. 

All Post Office broadband deals promise the following: 

  • Fixed pricing:

  • No data caps 

  • Line Rental included

  • UK-based support team

  • Easy-to-use router

  • Free calls to any Post Office Home Phone customers 

You will also be able to opt in for six months of free F-Secure SAFE, an award-winning service that provides protection against viruses, hackers, online theft, and more. Any Post Office broadband customer can use this service on up to five devices with the first six months being free, and £25 for every 12 months thereafter. 

Post Office Unlimited Broadband 

Average speed: 11Mbps

Offering ADSL2+ broadband, this is a fixed price contract, so you’ll pay the same amount every month, but you can choose your desired contract length between 12 months, 18 months and 24 months, with monthly prices increasing the longer your contract is. There are currently no upfront costs included in this plan – your router is free and there’s no set-up cost. 

Post Office Unlimited Fibre 

Average speed: 38Mbps

Stepping things up, Post office fibre optic broadband comes in two speeds, the first being 38Mbs, enough to stream and game so long as you don’t require multiple devices to be doing so constantly. For the average household, this is a sufficient speed. Contracts are 12, 18 or 24 months in length with no set up costs.

Post Office Unlimited Fibre Plus

Average speed: 67Mbps

This fibre broadband plan can be purchased on a 12-, 18-, or 24-month contract, and there are no upfront costs, it’s also the speediest option available and perfect for HD streaming and multiple devices.

Is Post Office Broadband truly unlimited? 

While many providers claim to offer unlimited broadband, a lot of the time this is not the case. There may be no limits on how much you can download or upload, but a lot of ISPs employ traffic management policies to limit customers’ usage during peak hours. Post Office broadband employs no such traffic management policy or usage caps, so it is able to offer truly unlimited broadband.

You won’t experience any major setbacks when traffic is high, which is a recent change made by the Post Office to offer a more consistent service. Having said that, if you are downloading big files during peak times, you should expect things to naturally go a bit slower than usual, but you can rest assured knowing the Post Office won’t deliberately limit your speeds based on your activity or the time of day.

Where is Post Office broadband available?

It’s very likely that Post Office broadband will be available in your area, as the ISP claims its network covers 95% of the UK.

However, even if you don’t fall within that 95% coverage area, you still have options available with Post Office broadband. Broadband Connect is a plan available to customers outside of the Post Office’s main range, which offers ADSL connection at an average download speed of 8Mbps. This speed would be fine for casual browsing and emailing, but that’s about the limit. For anything intensive like streaming or gaming, you’ll need to find a provider offering its full service in your area. 

Are Post Office broadband speeds any good?

The speeds offered by the Post Office are comparable to many medium-sized providers. While it doesn’t hit the ultrafast speeds of Virgin Media or the highest rankings of superfast offered by other suppliers, the Post Office more than holds its own in the broadband market when it comes to average speed offerings across its multiple plans. 

What speed of Post Office broadband do I need?

There are a number of things to consider when deciding the best broadband speed for your home. You’ll need to take into account the number of people in your household, the types of online activities members of your house engage in, where you home is, and when you use the internet most. 

While smaller, less-active households would be fine with a standard ADSL2+ connection, larger households or those that use the internet more heavily would require speeds only offered by fibre optic or full fibre connections. 

Here’s an overview of the speeds offered by Post Office broadband: 

  • 11Mbps: This is suitable if you are in a smaller household, and you only use the internet lightly for casual browsing, checking emails, etc. With this speed you can still stream videos in HD, although you wouldn’t be able to do much else online at the same time. 

  • 38Mbps: This is ideal if you’re in a medium-to-large household that requires more than one online task to run simultaneously – for instance, if one person is streaming a movie while another is making a video call. With this speed you’d be able to stream in Ultra HD, but not 4K. There is a little more flexibility and freedom with this speed, but still not quite enough if you’re a large household. 

  • 67Mbps: This allows the most freedom to stream, game, call, and browse simultaneously. It’s a good speed for a gamer, or perhaps if your work requires a lot of sending and receiving of large files. With this speed, you should be able to upload large files, stream movies, and browse the web at the same time without facing any major setbacks, although, if every member of the house wants to play online games at the same time, or all stream Ultra HD videos at the same time, then you may need to seek a provider who offers Ultrafast, FTTP fibre, which is not currently available from Post Office broadband. 

All-in-all, the speeds offered by Post Office Broadband should cater to most UK households, and the three options available roughly match the standard ADSL and fibre optic plans offered by other major providers.

What Post Office phone and broadband deals are available?

You are able to bundle any Post Office broadband package with a call plan, with line rental included on any broadband deal. If you’re looking for home phone service without broadband, you’ll need to pay a line rental fee. 

The Post Office can install a new phone line if your household doesn’t already have one, though this would come with a setup cost. If you rely on your home phone for communication, it would be wise to explore the call plans available, as the default broadband plans all only offer inclusive calling to other Post Office home phones. 

There are also more plans catering to mobile and international calling, but below are the core Post Office phone deals you can add on to broadband package: 

  • Weekend Calls

  • Evening and Weekend Calls

  • Anytime Calls

  • Anytime Plus Calls: Unlimited UK landline calls plus 1000 minutes of any time calls to UK standard mobiles and 1000 minutes of anytime calls to 15 select countries 

Post Office broadband routers

As mentioned, your WiFi router will be provided for free regardless of whether you opt for an ADSL2+ or fibre plan from Post Office broadband, with no additional postage costs. For ADSL2+, you will receive the Zyxel AMG1302-T11C router, and for fibre you’ll receive the Zyxel VMG3925-B10B router. 

ADSL router

This is single band (2.4GHz), with four LAN ports and a top theoretical speed of 300Mb. 

Fibre router

This is dual band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) with four LAN ports, a USB port, and a top theoretical speed of 1.3Gb.

Both routers are touted as simple ‘plug in and go’ models, so you won’t need to worry about any complicated installation process or any engineer visits. 

Does Post Office broadband include TV packages?

Many internet service providers attract customers by including exclusive TV and entertainment packages as part of their broadband plans, but this is not the case for Post Office broadband. Instead, the Post Office opts for simple, straightforward, no-frills service to appeal to those who simply want to stay connected, without all the bells and whistles. This allows the Post Office to offer lower prices than most major ISPs. 

How does the switch to Post Office broadband work?

You can sign up for Post Office broadband online or in-store. The Post Office will contact your current provider with notification of your switch, unless you’re currently with Virgin Media broadband. If you are, you’ll need to wait before your service activates, and then you’ll need to contact Virgin Media to cancel your account yourself. 

You will receive a Welcome Pack within five working days of placing your order, and this will inform you of the estimated start date for your broadband. In most cases this should take no more than ten days, unless you need a new phone line to be installed. You’ll be able to cancel your order free of charge within 14 days of placing it, should you change your mind. 

Post Office broadband reviews and reputation 

Post Office broadband initially had a poor reputation for customer service, but things have drastically improved since the provider made some internal changes. The Post Office employed Capita as its broadband customer service provider when it joined the TalkTalk network, but after the provider failed to meet regulations, the contract with Capita was terminated in 2015. Since then, Post Office customer service has been handled by HGS in Scotland, and its reputation for broadband customer service has managed to recover. 

Wait times to get on the phone with Post Office broadband customer service average at a minute and a half, which is about half the time of the industry average, and customers appear to be satisfied with the support provided by Post Office broadband customer service. 

Ofcom reports that for the third quarter of 2019, Post Office broadband averaged just ten complaints per every 100,000 customers, which is below the industry average of 14, and third-lowest of the eight major ISPs investigated. 

Post Office broadband contact details 

You can call the Post Office free support team at 0800 092 0514. The Customer Care Line is open from 8am-8pm on Monday to Saturday, and 9am-6pm on Sunday. Calls are free when made from a Post Office Home Phone line, otherwise, standard rates apply. There is a phone line dedicated to complaints at 0345 600 3210. You can also contact the Post Office via email at support@pobroadband.co.uk, using an online form on the Post Office website, or by post at the following address: 

Post Office Telecoms Services, PO Box 14125, Selkirk, TD7 9AF

The Post Office aims to investigate and respond to any complaint within five days, and to resolve any complaint within ten working days. 

Is Post Office broadband right for me? 

If you’re not too concerned about having the fastest connection available, Post Office broadband is an excellent, no-frills option. Its three plans are straightforward and should meet the needs of almost any UK household. If you’re after ultrafast speeds, Post Office is not the provider for you, but with its low pricing, ease-of-use and improving customer service, the provider offers everything you need for a simple, smooth connection.