Onestream broadband deals

Onestream was founded in 2018, making it one of the more recent entries into the UK market. Styling itself as a simple and easy to use brand that offers value for money. It offers a perfectly sufficient selection for any internet service provider. 

There are currently no deals available for this provider.

What is Onestream broadband?

Onestream is based in Hampshire and while its home broadband coverage is fairly new, its parent company, Onecom, has operated since 2002 offering business broadband and receiving generally positive reviews for its efforts.

Onestream broadband plans

Onestream broadband deals come in several forms, with line rental included.

Onestream Flow Unlimited Broadband

Average speed: 11Mbps

This is the entry level to Onestream broadband, and while the speeds aren’t too impressive, they are in line with other providers’ ADSL standard broadband offerings. These speeds are great for casual users in small households, and Onestream prices it very competitively. 

Onestream Jetstream Fibre Unlimited Broadband

Average speed: 17Mbps

The first of Onestream’s fibre optic offerings, compared to other providers, this speed is quite low, though that’s not to say it won’t be efficient for streaming and gaming in small households. The difference in cost between ADSL and this fibre package is pretty minimal so you should certainly consider this option if it is available to you.

Onestream Jetstream Fibre Max Unlimited Broadband

Average speed: 35Mbps

Ideal for bigger homes, these speeds can support multiple devices and HD streaming. For the average home where all residents are active internet users, these are the minimum speeds you’ll want to be looking at, especially if streaming and gaming is a regular hobby.

Onestream Xstream Superfibre Unlimited Broadband

Average speed: 63Mbps

These are the highest speeds offered by the provider and, compared to other suppliers, are in line with the average for this type of connection. Larger homes can get comfortably online with these speeds which accommodate streaming and gaming across devices.

Beyond these speeds, you’ll need to look for Ultrafast providers, so, considering the size of Onestream, this is a solid offering for truly speedy broadband.

Onestream fibre broadband vs. Onestream Flow broadband

You may find that you are only able to receive Onestream flow broadband rather than fibre broadband. This would be mostly likely because you fall outside of the 95% of UK homes that can receive fibre-optic broadband. Onestream Flow is a standard broadband (ADSL) connection, meaning your speeds won’t match fibre-optic options, but your likelihood of being able to receive broadband in this way is higher.

Alternatively, if the option for fibre-optic is there, and you are just looking to save a few pounds, it may be worth opting for the first level of fibre anyway. Price differences are usually very small between ADSL and the lower end of the fibre optic speed spectrum, but the step-up in speed is sure to be noticeable, even for casual streaming. 

Onestream call plans

Onestream offers call plans that can be added to its broadband plans and some packages are inclusive of call plans for even better value, otherwise call packages can be added to your choice of broadband at the online checkout. These include:

Onestream Uptime

Free calls to UK landlines, all day, every day.

Onestream Downtime

Free calls to UK landlines on evenings and weekends.

Onestream World

Covers calls to 18 destinations, including Australia, China, Germany, Portugal, Spain and the US, charged at a discounted rate of 2.5p per minute.

Onestream Life

All of the above plus calls to UK mobiles charged at a discounted rate of 2.5p per minute.

Onstream Move

Calls to UK mobiles charged at a lower rate of 2.5p per minute. 

The Onestream router

Routers are provided free of charge with the purchase of any broadband deal. Customers will have to foot the P&P cost of around £9. Information on the router is limited on Onestream’s website, though it follows the same plug-in-and-go model as any other provider.

Varying sources suggest that it has only one antenna, which is definitely on the lower side compared to other brands, though the ethernet cable ports are numbered at the standard four.

Onestream broadband contract lengths

Onestream offers unusually long contract lengths compared to the average. All plans offered by the provider are 24 months long. On the one hand, this might be ideal if you don’t like the idea of having to research and plan a broadband provider switch every single year or 18 months, on the other, these two-year plans post as an obstacle to any life changes such as changing broadband when moving house.

If you were looking to move address and take your Onestream plan with you, you would face an extra cost, though choosing to cancel instead also has its penalty.

Cancelling Onestream broadband contracts

Being locked in for 24 months isn’t ideal for some, and if you decide you need to cancel your contract, Onestream, just like any other provider, won’t permit this to happen free of charge. Depending on your broadband plan, you will have to pay a set cancellation fee which is then multiplied by the months left on your contract.

While this cancellation pricing model is really no different to any other brand, the fact that your remaining months can be more than 12 means your final cancellation fee could be far, far higher than with a competitor.

How does Onestream stack up?

In terms of cost, Onestream holds its own among the value for money providers, when it comes to speed, it’s more of a mixed bag.


TalkTalk, for example, offers similar pricing, though its prices are fixed – that said, its ADSL offering does come in slightly pricier. On the other end of the spectrum, BT offers 50Mbps for more than Onestream currently prices its faster 63Mbps plans at, and this is at a fixed price which will increase after 12 months.

Ultimately, the best price for you will depend on your precise circumstances, and there is a very good chance that Onstream comes out as one of the better value options. 


The first of Onestream’s fibre options is one of the slowest around, but the highest of its fibre connections is very much in-line with industry standards. Essentially, as with any broadband deal, you should carefully compare deals based on your needs rather than generic brand research. 

Onestream help and support

For such a small provider, Onestream offers several channels for customer support, including phone, online chat and email. You can also request a callback from the website, which also allows you to choose which time of day is best for you to take the call as well as which team you need; customer services, complaints, tech support or sales. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Onestream broadband prices good value?

This varies based on your personal needs. Is Onestream the cheapest available? No, but it still sits comfortably within the price ranges quoted by any cost-effective broadband provider and given its simplicity, you may find that using a small and uncomplicated supplier outweighs the differences in price. 

With that in mind, there are providers that can match or beat these prices while also offering optional add-ons like TV services, though these are also larger brands. So, while prices are certainly good, you may find other providers have more of an edge if extras like TV are important to you.

Do I need a phone line to use Onestream Flow?

Onestream Flow, unlike Onestream’s fibre-optic options, doesn’t need fibre cables in order to connect your home, as it makes use of traditional copper cables used in phone lines. So you will need a working phone line in place in order to benefit from any of Onestream’s plans.

Onestream can arrange for an engineer to set up a line for you or move a pre-existing one, though these services come at an extra cost. 

Does Onestream offer any call extras?

Yes, Onestream has a host of extra services you can add to call packages, including call waiting, ring back, call divert and incoming call refusal. These may be especially useful additions to homes with vulnerable users, though are priced individually so opting for half a dozen may hitch up your monthly bill quite a lot. 

Are Onestream prices fixed?

No. As of writing (March 2020), none of the plans on offer is fixed. If it is important to you to always know what you will be paying each month, then you may want to prioritise these sorts of plans when you are researching your next broadband deal.