NOW TV broadband deals

NOW TV is best known for its TV packages, but it also offers home broadband services. If you’re looking to switch internet service provider (ISP), NOW TV could be a strong option.

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NOW TV broadband overview

NOW TV is a division of the broadcasting giant Sky. It offers subscription-based television online (similar to Netflix) and a video on-demand service. NOW TV was one of the first ISPs to offer contract-free broadband in the UK, now broadband deals are being offered by companies in other industries to attract extra customers with expanded product portfolios.

What kind of NOW broadband deals are available?

NOW TV offers several broadband packages at varying speeds. Rather unintuitively, these are known as Brilliant Broadband, Fab Fibre and Super Fibre. Each package can be purchased as part of a 12-month deal, or on a rolling monthly basis for a slightly higher cost.

What is NOW TV Brilliant Broadband?

NOW TV’s Brilliant Broadband option offers an average speed of 11Mbps with unlimited downloads. Brilliant Broadband is an ADSL package, distributed along copper telephone wiring rather than high-speed fibre cables. While it’s often the only available broadband option, especially in rural areas, ADSL is best suited to households with lower usage. If your household mainly uses the internet for web browsing and sending emails, this is probably the best choice.

What is NOW fibre broadband, and do I need it?

Fibre broadband uses fibre optic cables, which are able to transmit data at much higher speeds than the copper wiring used in ADSL connections. Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) and Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) deliver smoother streaming and superior download speeds.

Consider your internet usage before signing up for a fibre package. If you’re part of a small household that only uses the internet for light browsing, it’s probably not worth the cost of upgrading. However, properties with multiple users wanting to simultaneously stream in HD or upload files to the cloud should ideally install a fibre broadband connection.

NOW TV offers two fibre packages: Fab Fibre and Super Fibre. The majority of UK homes have access to fibre broadband, but you may not be able to access this in remote areas or regions with particularly high demand. Always ensure there’s fibre coverage in your area before looking for deals.

What is NOW TV Fab Fibre?

With an average download speed of 36Mbps and unlimited downloads, NOW TV Fab Fibre improves on the company’s standard Brilliant Broadband package. If you like to stream in high definition, or have a large number of smart gadgets around the home, it’s worth considering this slightly more expensive option.

What is NOW TV Super Fibre?

Super Fibre is the fastest and most expensive NOW TV internet package, offering speeds of up to 63Mbps with unlimited downloads. It’s well-suited to multi-person households where several people may be trying to stream video content or play games simultaneously, especially during the evening when web traffic is generally at its slowest.

Can I switch from my provider to NOW TV broadband?

It’s possible to switch providers if you’ve found a better deal with NOW TV, which has a dedicated customer support team to deal with your old ISP on your behalf. You may still be subject to early exit fees if an existing contract hasn’t expired, so factor this into any price comparison.

Can I combine NOW TV phone and broadband?

NOW TV offers a range of phone options that can be added to its broadband packages, while line rental is included in every monthly contract. There’s a choice of three different phone options:

  • Pay as you use: This is subject to standard call rates, and comes with no inclusive calls.

  • Evenings and Weekends: Free landline calls between 7pm and 7am during the week, and all day at weekends.

  • Anytime calls: NOW TV’s most inclusive phone package allows you to make free landline calls at any time of the day.

Can I get NOW TV broadband and TV packages?

Yes, you can. NOW TV was originally set up as an online streaming service, and this can be easily bundled in with broadband. You’ll have to choose which TV passes you want access to, with options including a Sky Cinema pass, Sky Sports pass and access to several children’s channels. 

Because the cost of these passes quickly adds up, fans of Sky content might wish to investigate switching to the firm’s satellite and broadband packages, providing they’re able to have a dish installed at their current premises.

Can I get a mobile package with my NOW TV broadband?

NOW TV does not offer any mobile phone services at the time of writing (November 2020), so you’ll have to look elsewhere if you want to combine mobile and broadband from the same ISP.

Can I get NOW TV no contract broadband?

NOW TV no contract broadband was one of the first offerings of its type in the UK. Customers renew on a monthly basis, and contracts can be cancelled with no early exit fees.

A no-contract deal could benefit consumers seeking extra flexibility from their broadband package, but they end up costing more over the course of a year than a standard 12-month contract. If you’re planning on moving house soon, or live in temporary accommodation, it’ll probably be cheaper to choose a no contract deal than to pay those early exit penalties. 

NOW broadband router

The latest NOW TV broadband router came out in 2017 and is known as the NOW TV Hub 2. If you’re having installation issues, you can find a detailed set-up guide on the company’s website.

This is a dual-band router, broadcasting across the 2.4GHz and 5GHz spectrum. That enables different devices to connect at different frequencies. The 5GHz band is ideal for intensive activities like streaming or file sharing, while 2.4GHz is better for accessing every corner of your home and even the garden.

The NOW TV Hub 2 also has two gigabit Ethernet ports, allowing you to establish hardwired connections between different devices.  

Cancelling NOW TV broadband 

A decision to cancel NOW TV broadband usually comes at a cost. If you’re signed up to one of NOW TV’s no contract home broadband deals, cancellation fees won’t be applied. However, NOW TV’s 12-month broadband contracts are subject to early exit fees if the contract ends before the year is up. The amount owing depends how much of your contract is left, and which broadband plan you’re signed up for. Contact NOW TV directly to ask for a settlement figure.

Can I move house and take NOW TV broadband with me?

NOW TV requests notification at least two weeks before you move house, to ensure your existing service can be ported to your new address. This depends whether your service plan is available in the new area, as some fibre packages may not be offered in certain regions. It might be necessary to downgrade your line speed, depending what connectivity is available at the new property.

Do I need a landline for NOW TV broadband?

Yes, you do. If you don’t currently have a landline in your home, speak to NOW TV and ask them to arrange an engineer’s visit. This is a requirement even if you don’t plan on using your landline to make calls, since NOW TV doesn’t yet offer unbundled broadband-only fibre connections like Sky’s service. ADSL connections only function if there’s a working landline in the property.

Will I have to pay for line rental with NOW broadband?

There’s no additional fee for line rental when you sign up with NOW TV, as it’s included in each package’s monthly price.

Are NOWTV broadband deals any different?

Confusion over the company’s name sometimes sees it mistakenly referred to as NOWTV, though any internet search for NOWTV broadband deals will redirect you to NOW TV results.