If you want to be able to access the internet on the move, choosing a mobile broadband package that doesn't rely on a landline connection could be a good move.

Here's how to get the cheapest mobile broadband package that meets your internet needs.

Is a mobile broadband deal the best choice?

Before you start looking to find a cheap mobile broadband package you should consider if it really is the best choice, especially if you already have an existing landline.

Mobile broadband is fantastic for using the internet on the move, as it is accessed through mobile broadband providers 3G phone networks.

While this can be invaluable if you want to access the net while you're out and about, if you only use broadband at home then it's likely to be the wrong choice.

This is particularly the case if you already have a landline, as you may find that you can get a faster connection for a cheaper price from a standard broadband provider.

That said, if you don't have a landline at home and don't want to incur line rental charges, you can still apply for cheap mobile broadband and get connected.

What do you need from your mobile broadband?

Mobile broadband packages tend to come with smaller download limits than many standard internet packages, with allowances starting from just 1GB a month.

As a result you need to decide how much mobile internet access you will need each month, so if you need to download large files or stream live content on a regular basis you don't incur extra fees

Equally, if you want to find the fastest mobile broadband package then you should check listed download speed advertised by each package and look at whether you're likely to be able to benefit from it where you live.

How long will you need your mobile broadband?

Once you know what you need from your mobile broadband package you should think about how long you will need mobile broadband.

This is essential as many of the cheapest mobile broadband deals come with a minimum contract of several months, meaning you could end up paying for mobile broadband you don't need.

Check the contract length of each mobile broadband package and exclude those that are longer than you are happy with.

If you are looking for flexibility and control over how much you spend on your broadband, pay as you go mobile broadband could be the solution.

Check the price

Finding the best mobile broadband deals is largely down to finding the cheapest mobile broadband packages that meet all you other needs.

Once you've established what you want from your mobile broadband you can start to look for the cheapest package cost using our cheap mobile broadband comparison table.

This table lists the best mobile broadband packages and gives you the cost of each deal on a monthly basis and over 12 months so you can compare the price of each quickly and easily.

Narrow your options to the mobile broadband providers that offer suitable packages, then apply for the option that costs you the least overall.

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