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An electric bike can make your commute much easier, but good eBike insurance is crucial. Compare electric bike insurance quotes to find cover that protects your ride from damage and theft.

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What does eBike insurance cover?

Electric bike insurance can include cover for:


This covers the cost of a replacement bike if yours is stolen

Malicious or accidental damage

This pays to repair or replace your electric bike if it’s damaged or vandalised

Personal accident

This provides a lump sum if you’re seriously injured after an accident on your bike

Third-party liability

This offers financial protection against claims if you cause an accident while riding your bike

When you buy insurance for your electric bicycle, providers often include various add-ons. Some of these may cost extra, so you need to decide which add-ons are necessary.

What extra protection can I get for my electric bicycle?

Most eBike insurance policies offer extras you can add to your eBike insurance policy to increase the level of cover. For example, you could purchase cover for:

  • accessories like GPS, lights, clothing and helmets

  • bicycle breakdowns

  • replacement bike hire

  • riding your bike abroad

  • cover for family members

  • competition use.

Check each eBike insurance policy carefully to ensure it gives you the cover you need before buying it. 

Here’s everything a bicycle insurance policy covers.

Do I need electric bike insurance?

That depends. Could you afford to replace or repair your eBike if it were stolen or damaged in an accident? If the answer is no, electric bike insurance could be a good investment.

No, not unless it’s classed as a moped or scooter because it can travel faster than 15.5mph under electric power. However, it’s still a good idea to have insurance for your protection.

What claims won’t eBike insurance cover?

Common exclusions include situations where:

  • you’re under the influence of alcohol or drugs 

  • you’re using your bike for monetary gain – for instance, as a delivery driver

  • you can’t prove you own your bike (always keep the receipt!)

  • your bike suffers cosmetic damage, but it still works

  • your bike’s accessories are damaged

  • your bike is stolen because you didn’t secure it appropriately, or you left it parked in public for more than 12 hours

How to make sure you have the right kind of electric push bike insurance

First, make sure you have the correct type of cover: theft, malicious or accidental damage, personal accident or third-party liability. 

Second, read the insurance vehicle documents carefully to ensure your policy covers the full cost of your bike if you need to make a claim.

Third, check that your bike is classed as an electric bike and not a scooter or moped. An eBike has:

  • a maximum power of 250w

  • a top electric speed of 15.5mph

  • pedals that can propel it

If it exceeds the current maximum speed of 15.5mph, your eBike insurer may class your bike as a moped. If that’s the case, your bike won’t be covered by a standard eBike policy. 

Could I be covered on my home insurance?

Some home insurance policies include pedal cycles, but the amount covered is likely too low for more expensive electric bikes. Many home insurance policies only cover bikes at home, too. Talk to your home insurance provider to see if they can offer the extra protection you need as an add-on.

Find the best-value electric bike insurance 

Finding the best-value insurance is different from finding the cheapest insurance. Look for a policy that offers what you need at the lowest price. 

Our comparison table will help you find the best-value electric bike insurance that suits your needs.

You can also reduce the monthly premium cost by paying a higher excess. Just make sure you can afford to pay that excess – otherwise, you won’t be able to pursue a claim.

Electric bike insurance FAQs

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By comparing bicycle insurance, you could save money on the policy. The best value bicycle insurance will offer you the cover you need, at a price you can afford. Choose a cover plan from the best UK insurance companies and see the online discounts they offer.

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