Cycling on UK roads can be a risky undertaking, so getting tailor made cycling personal accident insurance that will pay out if you fall off your bike or are in a collision with another road user can really protect you financially if you are involved in a cycling accident.

Taking the time to complete a thorough bicycle accident insurance comparison to compare the different levels of cover on offer, and look at personal accident insurance quotes side by side is vital to finding the best deal.

If you match the levels of cover to how you use your bicycle and the sort of protection you think you'll need, you can find the cheapest insurance without losing out on cover.

What it covers

Cycling personal accident insurance will usually provide cover for both your healthcare costs and damage to your bike up to a pre determined amount.

Remember, injuries as a result of a cycling accident could mean an extended period off work and loss of income, so some insurers will pay a fixed or ongoing sum if you can't go back to work for a certain length of time due to an accident. This could be particularly important if you are self employed.

There are a lot of secondary costs associated with healthcare which may not be covered by every cycling personal accident insurance policy on the market.

Make sure to check whether overnight hospital stays or finding care for your children while at hospital are covered by different insurance policies.

If you are planning to travel outside the UK on your bike then you'll need to make sure you're bicycle insurance offers adequate cover.

The cost of healthcare abroad can be much higher than in the UK, especially with extra costs including accommodation and transport back to the UK to consider.

Damage to your bicycle will usually be covered separately to any healthcare costs, up to a set amount, so make sure this will be enough to either repair or replace your bike.

How to get the best cycling personal accident insurance

You can get the right insurance quickly and cheaply by deciding what level of cover you need and comparing quotes from suitable policies.

If you choose a high voluntary excess this can reduce your monthly insurance premiums. However you need to be certain you'll be able to pay it in full if you claim, or you may receive nothing.

Check the terms and conditions of the policies that offer the level of cover you need so you only pay for cover that you need and won't invalidate your policy. For example, some providers won't insure you unless you wear a helmet.

Remember, it's also important to consider other aspects of cover available when you carry out our best bicycle insurance comparison, for instance if you'll be covered for theft or for third parties.

If you compare bike accident insurance quotes using our best bicycle insurance comparison, you can quickly and easily find the right cover for your needs.

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