Start by deciding the level of personal bike accident cover you need.

It works by paying a cash lump sum if you have a serious accident and policies offer cover ranging from £10,000 up to £150,000.

Cycling accident insurance isn't always included as standard with bicycle insurance policies, so always check.

Some policies also offer separate cover to pay for any loss of earnings if you have an accident, so look out for this as well.

Check the cover options

Once you're happy with the cycle accident insurance cover it's worth looking at what else you want to include in your bike cover.

Most policies offer a range of the following, so work out what you want to include before comparing quotes:

  • Accidental damage which pays out if you accidentally damage your bicycle and it needs to be repaired.

  • Theft which give you a cash lump sum to buy a new bike if yours is stolen.

  • Legal cover which pays out if you injure a third party, or damage someone else's property.

  • Accessories cover which covers damage to your cycling accessories, including things like your helmet, lights and trailers.

It is also worth checking what excess each insurer sets on their cyclist insurance as this can vary.

Get the best price

Once you've decided on which cover options you want you can start shopping around to find the best price.

Try and get as many quotes as possible to ensure you're not paying more than you need to.