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A broken washing machine could be expensive to replace, but taking out a washing machine insurance policy with Home Emergency Assist policy could save you paying the repair bill.

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How to compare washing machine breakdown & repair insurance


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Get washing machine breakdown and repair insurance quotes in minutes, simply enter a few details about you and we will retrieve quotes. Washing machine insurance will ensure any problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently.


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We'll search our database of leading providers and show you the best deals we can find. As with all insurance, there is a wide choice available to suit all budgets and needs. Take into consideration how much you are willing to spend and what cover you want.


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Once you've reviewed the choices, simply pick the best washing machine breakdown and repair insurance deal for you and apply. Take into consideration the difference in price between policies compared to the amount of care you would receive as well.

Do you need washing machine insurance?

If your washing machine is no longer under the manufacturer's guarantee, washing machine insurance could provide washing machine breakdown cover and save you the cost of a replacement if it cannot be fixed.

But before you take out washing machine cover, you should check:

  • Are you covered elsewhere? If your washing machine is still under its manufacturer's guarantee, you do not need an extended warranty or washing machine insurance. You can also check to see if you are covered by your packaged bank account, or home insurance.

  • Is washing machine insurance worth the cost? If the price of a warranty is less than the cost of a new appliance, it may be worth taking out washing machine cover. Check the cost of replacing your washing machine with a similar model by searching online.

  • Can you get washing machine insurance? This depends on the age of your washing machine. Insurance companies will usually not cover appliances over 8 years old.

Here is how to decide if you need an extended warranty for washing machine insurance

How to find the best washing machine insurance, UK wide

Shop around and get as many washing machine insurance quotes as possible. This will help you compare:

  • Price: With washing machine insurance, UK providers will let you split your premium over 12 monthly payments, although it may be cheaper to pay up front in full.

  • Claim limits: This is the most a washing machine breakdown cover provider will pay for an engineer to repair your washing machine if it breaks down. Some washing machine insurance providers include replacement cover if your appliance cannot be fixed, so check the policy documents for details.

You should also compare what cover is included in your washing machine breakdown cover. For example, your washing machine insurance provider may not pay for call out charges or labour costs, which would mean you have to pay for this yourself.

Here is more information about what appliance insurance covers

Advantages of an extended warranty policy for washing machine insurance

If you are concerned about not being able to afford to repair your washing machine if it were to break down, a washing machine insurance policy with washing machine breakdown cover could provide valuable peace of mind.

If you have cover in place for other appliances such as your dishwasher or oven, adding washing machine insurance can be a great option. With washing machine insurance, UK providers will usually be able to add cover to an existing extended warranty policy as part of a multi appliance discount. This can save you money compared to a standalone policy and might make washing machine cover a more affordable option for you.

When you purchase washing machine insurance, UK providers will often include new for old cover. This means that if your old appliance breaks, your washing machine breakdown cover could pay for a new one.

It is still important to check that you actually need cover, even if you find a great washing machine insurance deal. If you already have washing machine cover through a manufacturer's warranty or you are concerned your issues will fall into common policy exclusions, washing machine insurance may not be for you. Additionally, it is crucial to make sure you can afford the monthly or annual cost of washing machine cover before committing to a lengthy policy.

Common exclusions for washing machine insurance

Your exclusions will vary depending on your washing machine cover policy, but most common examples include:

Call-out costs if no fault is found with your appliance. If you call out an engineer without good reason, you may be liable for the costs incurred.

Cosmetic damage. Your washing machine insurance provider is unlikely to cover any damage that only affects the appearance of your washing machine. This might include chipped paintwork or scratches. They are also unlikely to cover issues relating to physical wear and tear, such as discolouration.

Problems that existed before you took out washing machine cover. If you try to take out a washing machine cover policy to help with an existing issue, your provider is unlikely to pay out when you claim.

Breakdown if the appliance is still under manufacturer’s warranty. If your washing machine is still covered by the guarantee from the manufacturer or retailer, your insurance provider is unlikely to pay out for repairs. If your washing machine is in need of repairs while under warranty, you should contact the manufacturer or retailer.

Delivery or installation costs are also not covered as standard.

Many washing machine insurance policies will also exclude cover if you:

  • leave your home empty for more than 30 days

  • use an unauthorised repairer

  • deliberately damage your appliance

  • fail to follow the manufacturer's instructions (e.g. overloading the washing machine)

  • try to claim for business use (e.g. if you run a laundry)

You should always check the small print before you take out a washing machine insurance policy. Make sure you have the cover you need and understand what you can claim for.

Washing machine insurance FAQs

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