If you're concerned by the costs of repairing your motorcycle should something break you might want to look into taking out a motorbike repair warranty policy to cover the cost of repairs.

Here's a rundown of how to pick the best motorcycle warranties for your motorbike so you get the peace of mind that you're financially protected.

What type of warranty are you looking for?

Before comparing motorcycle warranty companies and quotes you need to work out what you want your motorbike warranty insurance to cover.

A standard motorbike repair warranty will cover your bike's engine and other major parts, however if you want more extensive cover you may need to choose one of the many motorbike extended warranties on the market.

You should also weigh up whether you want to pay more for your cover to include standard wear and tear damage to your bike.

The extent of cover varies dramatically from one policy to another so it's essential that you check the full extent of the cover provided, and any associated terms and conditions and requirements before you commit. This is a must if you want to be confident you can claim as and when you need to.

Make sure your bike is eligible

Although in an ideal world every motorbike owner would be able to get motorbike warranty insurance if they so wished there are some restrictions on the bikes that can be protected by a warranty policy.

These restrictions tend to fall under two main categories, the bike's age and mileage, and can vary from policy to policy.

This means you'll need to check your motorcycle is eligible for each warranty policy and exclude those you don't qualify for before you start to compare the levels of cover on offer.

Check the excess

As you motorbike warranty is essentially a type of insurance against damage to your bike, you will be expected to pay a small excess on any claim you need to make.

The level of minimum excess can vary from provider to provider but is typically around 50 on most standard warranty polices.

If you are unhappy with this excess level you may be able to lower it at extra cost, or if you are happy with a higher excess cut the cost of your premiums slightly.

Compare prices

Once you've narrowed you choice of motorbike repair warranty deals to those give you the protection you want and that your bike qualifies for the next step is to find the cheapest price possible.

You can compare the different motorcycle warranty companies and look for cheap quotes using our motorbike warranty insurance comparison table.

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