We'll explain how to find a car warranty if you have a high mileage on your vehicle.

What is a high mileage car warranty?

If your car has notched up a large number of miles on its clock, then a specialist car warranty like this could give you financial protection against the costs of deterioration to your vehicle.

What does it cover?

The cover available will depend on how many miles your car has done.

Most providers provide blanket cover up to a certain mileage limit, for example up to 150,000 miles, but some will break up the cover into mileage tiers, such as 50k-75k, 75k-100k and so on.

Due to this variation you need to shop around for the best cover, regardless of how the warranty is set-up.

Any high mileage car warranty will cover the cost of work done on; the engine, drive belts, gearbox, clutch, drive shaft and differential - up to a maximum mileage limit, specific to each provider.

What to consider?

Exceeding your warranty's mileage limit will invalidate your policy, so if your cars mileage is due to your own usage you will need to keep an eye on how much you drive.

A car warranty of any type does not cover everything. As your car mileage grows, the amount of cover warranty providers can offer will become more and more limited.

What are the costs?

You will pay a fee for the car warranty that is specific to your vehicle and condition. Once the policy is in place it's down to you as the owner to take care of your vehicle, as any indication of self-vandalism on your vehicle will not be covered.

The excess cost for high mileage car warranties can be very low, as little as 10, with no limit on how many times you can claim in a year, but the more often you claim, the more expensive the policy will become after your policy year ends.

Compare prices

Once you have decided what level of cover you need for your car, you can search online and shop around for the best price for your needs. Make sure to get quotes from several warranty providers so you can ensure you're getting the cheapest price possible.

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