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You can order travel money with providers like Debenhams. They have stores nationwide that you can pick up travel money from. However, if you order online you can look into the rate they'll offer before you even venture out of the house and compare their rates to everyone else's. You can secure the rate by pre-ordering your cash - that way you can make sure they'll have the amount and currency you need first.

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Debenhams Travel Money are based in 77 locations across the UK.
Home delivery is not available. Use online voucher for in-store collection only.

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Currency collection


  • Customer Service

  • Value for Money

  • Flexibility & Fairness

  • Product Features

Recommended by Chezbob

We found the product via the Internet and collected our currency yesterday (18th July 2015), this was a first time experience from Debenhams. The service was quick, the rate good (even better from Martins money tips as you get a slightly higher rate with a print off voucher) and no queuing. The assistant was efficient and had a pleasant attitude so all in all a good experience.

by , 4 months ago report review

Debenhams money exchange


  • Customer Service

  • Value for Money

  • Flexibility & Fairness

  • Product Features

Have usually exchanged currency here, but found local independent currency exchange shop cheaper this week.

by , 13 Jul 2013 report review

Terrible, don't use them


  • Customer Service

  • Value for Money

  • Flexibility & Fairness

  • Product Features

Don't use them for exchanging of money. I have used many different exchange suppliers and this was the first time I had a bad experience. We only went for Debenhams this time because it seems have a better rate, and it also advertised that customer who orders the currency will receive £5 gift voucher (which in fact, they did not honor at the end!). First, Be aware that the copy you asked to print out to bring to Debenhams for collecting the money is not the rate you will be getting, this is different from online ordering service, where once you place the order, the exchange is locked. What is the benefit for customers to print out a copy if the rate is not fixed? Second, there is a very long queue and the service was slow. Be ready to for a long wait to get the money. Their system also couldn't deal with banking request, and were unable to take more than £300 from the bank card, which was also odd. As a result, if you need more money, they will send you away to get cash, and then you will need to get back to queue again. Fair enough, if there is some issues between the banking system and their system, but this is so much more hassle comparing to just ordering online. Third, at the end, they also refused to give the £5 voucher, saying they reserve the right to cancel the offer at any time, which was outrages, as this was clearly stated on their website and the copy we printed out. Anyway, the whole experience feels that they treat customers dishonestly.

The rate is OK

Dishonest rate and offer

by , 3 months ago report review

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