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Covent Garden FX Travel Money
Online OrderStandard DeliveryEuro RateU.S. Dollar Rate
£350 to £7,500£6
Free on £1,000+
Great rates and 0% commission on all currencies. Best rates guaranteed and free bank transfer. T&Cs apply.
You can order up to £7,500 online but this will be sent in £2,500 bundles. This may mean you need to pay some delivery charges.

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Reviews related to Travel Money

Great competitive rates offered.
Recommended by Parchester

Whilst having never made use of their online service or having my currency sent to my home address, what I can offer is a validation of their bureau service in..... Covent Garden.

This is a small outlet but very customer focused.

Whenever, I have required foreign currency, I look online here to see what rates they are offering, invariably these are better than many of the main and well known FX brands.

Whether this is Dollars or Euros, I have never been disappointed with their rate and if, at the kiosk, the rate is lower than online, I bring this to their attention and they match it without question.

Whilst some of the bigger brands, might offer a few cents less, the more sterling you change up the greater the loss to you.

I really rate this company and will always check their rates. I know this isn't applicable to people whom live outside of London but if you can access London, they are well worth a visit.

Fast, efficient and friendly
Recommended by Parchester

I became aware of this company via the website.

At the time of looking for foreigh exchange and in particular Euros, I was impressed with their exchange rate. They offered a few cents more than other FX companies. As I was changing a large sum of money this made all the difference and actually equated to an additional 40 Euros increase on changing money with either the Post Office or Thomas Cook.

The Covent Garden kiosk was easily accessible for me to visit and I was greatly impressed with the quality of service and when I queries them about the on view rate and the rate I had seen online, they automatically matched the online figure without any quibble.

I have not made use of their postal services and this review solely relates to my personal face-to-face experience.

best dollar exchange rate available
no negatives
Recommended by kenmil

An excellent choice of Company which provided me with my US Dollars. Very quick turnaround service; first class postal delivery service