Getting the top Philippine peso to pound conversion rate on your currency exchange will have a big effect on your actual spending power once your trip is underway.
However, the British pounds to Philippine peso exchange rate isn't the only thing you need to check: you'll need to set your budget in £pounds sterling, and refer back to it, to get the best deal.
Your budget should include all your spending money for your trip as well as funds for any emergencies you might encounter.
Then, compare the best pesos to pounds rates available for your budget, the service on offer and any additional fees.

Pound to Philippine peso exchange rates

Hunting down the best pound to Philippine peso exchange rates is a must if you want the best deal.
Compare the peso to pound conversion rates offered by the UK's top forex providers to find the deals that offer the best value for money.
Remember to keep your budget in mind and check whether your travel money order will be valid for each provider's headline pound to peso rate, then exclude deals if your budget falls short of any minimum order limits set.
You should also check that the money you want to change fits within any maximum order limits, to ensure each provider will be able to process your entire Philippine currency order.

Delivery service (& cost?)

Once you've found the best pesos to GBP exchange rates on offer, you'll need to check the delivery service available and whether your order is large enough to qualify for free delivery from each provider.
If your order will be charged for delivery, you'll need to consider these fees alongside the package's peso to GBP rates in order to judge the deal as a whole.
Particularly on smaller currency orders, high delivery charges can quickly undermine a pound to peso Philippine exchange rate that's otherwise better than its rivals.
You will also need to decide how soon you need your currency order and if you need to exclude any companies who can't offer next day delivery.

Buy back guarantee (& cost?)

Finally, a buy back guarantee could prove useful if you expect to have a significant number of Philippine pesos leftover at the end of your trip.
In this case, you'd be able to convert Philippine peso to pounds at the same rates you got originally.
While this sounds great, some companies don't offer Philippines currency to sterling buy back guarantees, and others charge for the privilege. So you'll need to take any extra fees into account when you compare the overall costs with each provider, to make sure you stay in budget.
If you decide how much money you want to spend while you're abroad, you can use your budget to compare the best deals for your travel money and ensure you get the best pounds to peso conversion rates around.