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Thomas Exchange Global Travel Money
Online Order
Standard Delivery
Pakistani Rupee Rate
Debenhams Travel Money
Online Order
Standard Delivery
Pakistani Rupee Rate
Home delivery is not available. Use online voucher for in-store collection only.
First Choice Travel Money
Online Order
£100 to £2,500
Standard Delivery
Free on £600+
Pakistani Rupee Rate
Thomson Travel Money
Online Order
£100 to £2,500
Standard Delivery
Free on £600+
Pakistani Rupee Rate
eurochange Travel Money
Online Order
£10 to £2,010
Standard Delivery
Free on £400+
Pakistani Rupee Rate

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How to Get the Best Pakistani Rupee Exchange Rate

We show you how to compare travel money packages to get the best British pound to Pakistani rupee currency exchange rate for your holiday cash.

Finding the best pounds to rupees exchange rate can seriously boost your spending power abroad, but it isn’t the only thing you need to look out for.

Alongside looking at the number of Pakistani rupees to pounds offered by each UK travel money company, you’ll need to check any additional fees and charges attached to the packages and their overall service.

If you can get a top sterling to Pakistani rupee exchange rate but need to pay extra for delivery or buy-back costs, you may find better value elsewhere. Similarly, if you need the Pakistani currency by tomorrow, it’s no use looking at companies who can’t offer next day delivery.

Here’s what you’ll need to consider:

Your budget

The first thing you should do is set your budget in British pounds, to include how much cash in sterling you want to spend while you’re in Pakistan (and large enough to cover any emergencies).

Going forward, you’ll need to refer every aspect of your GBP pound to PAK rupee travel money comparison back to your original budget to make sure you don’t overspend.

Pakistan rupee to pound exchange rates

Compare the Pakistan currency rate for each provider to see how many rupees in a pound each package can offer your budget. You can then search our travel money tables to find the best pound to rupee rate on offer.

Some companies extend their best exchange rates exclusively to larger foreign currency orders, so check the minimum order for their premium rates - set by each company - to make sure your currency exchange is eligible.

Minimum/maximum orders

Most travel money and UK forex companies set minimum and maximum order limits, which decide how much currency you can order for your conversion of pound to Pakistani rupee.

Check the minimum/maximum order limits for each provider against your budget and exclude any companies who won’t put your exchange through.

Delivery service and charges

The cost of delivering your Pakistani rupee can easily negate a strong exchange rate, so it’s essential to check what you’ll be asked to pay before you order.

Free delivery is often available with larger orders so check your budget against each provider’s minimum currency order. If your budget isn’t eligible, compare their delivery charges.

Buy back guarantees?

If you’re likely to still have a significant amount of Pakistani currency left when you return from your trip, you may want to include a buy back clause to guarantee the same exchange rates.

However, some providers don’t allow buy back at all, others charge for it and a few offer it for free, so compare travel money deals to see what’s available if a buy back guarantee is important to you.

Remember, any additional charges can undermine higher exchange rates, so check where you’d get the best deal.

If you compare the exchange rates available to your budget, you can check the service and attached extra charges to find out if the best Pakistani rupees to pounds exchange rate offers you the best spending power or if another package promises better value for money.

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