Getting the best Indian rupee rate for your holiday money can seriously boost your spending power when you go overseas.
However, you'll need to consider the exchange rates used to convert pounds to Indian rupees alongside the service on offer and any additional charges to make sure you get the best deal.

How to find the best travel money deal for your Indian currency

Before you check the number of Indian rupees in UK pounds you can get, you should decide on a cash budget in úpounds sterling.
This budget should cover your spending money and be sufficient to pay for any emergencies too.
Then, use our online comparison tables to find the foreign currency providers offering the best GBP to Indian rupee exchange rate for your travel money budget.
Some companies only offer their best sterling to Indian rupees conversion rates to orders above a certain limit. Remember to compare the minimum currency orders required for the top rates to ensure your budget qualifies for the best exchange rates Indian rupees and British pounds.
Similarly, you'll need to check that your budget fits in with minimum/maximum order limits required to buy Indian rupees online - and exclude any travel money deals that your budget won't be valid for.
For each of the deals offering the best rates, check if your order will qualify for free delivery, or exactly how much you'll be asked to pay. Then compare the delivery charges against the other providers' exchange rates to see where you can get the best value.
Finally you should decide if you want to purchase a buy back guarantee with your Indian currency. If you expect to have a significant amount of rupees left over, these clauses can save you money when it comes to selling the currency back to your provider.
Overall, if you decide on your budget early and find the best exchange rates available to that budget (taking into account any extra charges), you can be confident of finding the best value Indian currency exchange for your travel money.