When you order online you can now get the best currency rates delivered to your door.
And, there are lots of reasons you should consider having your foreign currency delivered directly to you.

Why you should consider having your foreign currency delivered

Dozens of banks, travel companies and online forex brokers providers now let you buy euros, dollars and other foreign currency online.
So if you're heading abroad you no longer have to trawl your local travel agents to find the best deals.
You can compare travel money deals on the internet, buy your currency online and have your foreign currency delivered.
'Travel money next day delivery' services mean you can get your currency delivered quickly and securely even if you leave ordering it until the last minute.

Getting the best travel money online deals

Exchange rates, fees and charges vary significantly between travel money home delivery services and so it's important that you shop around for the best deal before you buy.
If you are looking for the best travel money online deals, make sure you take the following factors into account:

  • The exchange rate

  • Any commission or charges

  • Any travel money home delivery fees

First and foremost, you should compare the exchange rate on offer. This is particularly true if you're exchanging a larger sum of cash. This is because you will often find that even small differences in the exchange rate can make a huge difference to the amount of foreign currency you'll get for your money.
You should also compare any commission or fee charged by the travel money next day delivery service. A commission free deal may appear preferable, but if the provider offers an inferior exchange rate you could be worse off than a deal which charges a commission but offers a better rate.
In addition, when arranging travel money delivery UK providers often make a delivery charge. This can range from £3.95 to over £6. Always take any delivery charge into account when buying your travel money.
Compare the exact amount of foreign currency you get for your money from each of the online travel money companies and order your travel cash from the company that gives you the best return and the most convenient delivery options.