RBS Royalties Gold

Full product details for the RBS Royalties Gold travel insurance policy, including features, application criteria, medical cover, financial loss cover, wintersports cover, other cover, claims, cancellation & delay, excess, discounts, uk example quotes, europe example quotes, usa example quotes, australia & new zealand example quotes and worldwide example quotes.
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RBS Royalties Gold Features & Benefits

Travel Insurance Typeannual trip 
Maximum Trip Duration31 days 
Medical Expenses10,000,000 
Europe Coveryes 
Worldwide Coveryes 
Worldwide Cover (Excluding USA)yes 
Winter Sports Coverstandard 
Cancellation/Curtailment Cover5,000 
Travel Abandonment5,000 
Airline Failure Coverno 
Delayed Baggage Coveryes 
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Compare RBS Royalties Gold With These Travel Insurance Policies

Twopointfive.co.uk Single Trip Travel - Gold

  • New customers get legal expenses of 25,000.
  • Loss of passport insurance of 150 is available with Single Trip Travel - Gold.
  • 900 max hospitalisation benefit is available to customers.
  • 15 daily hospitalisation benefit is available to you.

InsuremyTravel.co.uk Ceta Annual MultiTrip 4 Star

  • Abandonment XS of 50 is available with Ceta Annual MultiTrip 4 Star.
  • Customers get 100 maximum delayed travel cover.
  • Customers will get 200 dental emergency.
  • Maximum hospitalisation benefit of 750.
  • Ceta Annual MultiTrip 4 Star offers a first 12 hours delay of 20.
  • Customers benefit from 50 money XS from the Ceta Annual MultiTrip 4 Star.

British Airways Deluxe Annual Multi Trip

  • EHIC medical excess of 0 is available with the travel insurance policy.
  • You will enjoy claims receipt limit of 0.
  • Max baggage cover of 2,000.
  • Get 4,000 scheduled airline failure cut off point.
  • Loss of cash protection of 300 is available to new customers.
  • 50,000 legal cost.

Castle Cover Marble Gold

  • Piste closure total of 400 is offered with Marble Gold.
  • New customers take advantage of claims receipt limit of 0.
  • Get a total ski hire of 500.
  • A missed departure of 1,000 is offered by Castle Cover.
  • Take advantage of overseas funeral costs of 5,000 from this travel insurance policy.
  • The Castle Cover Marble Gold has a 450 ski pack.

Elect Travel Insurance Extended Platinum

  • Legal payments of 15,000 is available with Extended Platinum.
  • Extended Platinum gives medical fee excess of 100.
  • 1st 12 hours delay of 20.
  • Get baggage valuables of 200 from this travel insurance policy.
  • You get 100 money XS from this travel insurance policy.

Navigator Long Stay - Silver

  • 400 own equipment is offered.
  • New customers will get 1,000,000 personal liability.
  • Navigator gives loss of ski pass of 200.
  • You get 200 ski pack from this Long Stay - Silver.