Few things are as thrilling as flying down the ski slopes dotted around the French, Swiss or Italian Alps, but before you strap on your skis you'll need to make sure you're covered by ski insurance cover.

Why is skiing different from other holidays?

When you search for travel insurance, you'll spot that winter sports cover is often only available as an added extra and not automatically included in standard holiday cover policies.

This is because insurers see skiing as much riskier than spending a week on the beach, due to the temperamental nature of slopes (if conditions are bad and skiing is called off, they may have to pay for cancellation claims) and the dangers associated with the sport.

This makes ski insurance more expensive but also even more essential to ensure you can enjoy the slopes without worrying about being adequately protected.

Check what's included with ski season insurance

To find the best and most affordable deal it's worth making a detailed ski insurance comparison.

For starters many insurers offer discounts if you buy their deals online as an added incentive - you can see which ones do by using our comparison table.

When you compare cheap ski travel insurance policies there are a number of factors to think about before settling on one, like how long you'll need to be covered for, how much money is offered to cover medical expenses and where the cover extends to (Europe, worldwide with USA or worldwide excluding USA).

If you're looking to family ski insurance you'll need to make sure it covers every member of your family, check if there are minimum age limits and whether the policy extends to grandparents, aunts and uncles as well as your nuclear family.

Other features that make ski season insurance indispensable that you'll need to check include:

  • Is your equipment covered against being stolen, damaged or lost?

  • Is hired winter sports equipment covered?

  • Can you get help covering accommodation / travel costs if your trip is impacted by an avalanche?

  • Can you claim if the piste is closed and you're unable to ski?

  • If you ski off piste will your still be covered? Or do you need separate cheap off piste ski insurance?

For more information, read our Winter sports travel insurance guide.

Number of winter sports days included

If you're likely to take more than one trip over the course of a year, including a skiing holiday, then it makes sense to consider annual multi trip insurance.

This not only includes an annual ski insurance allowance (the number of days offered as standard will vary between companies, so make sure you check you've got enough days' cover) but is also likely to be cheaper than buying two or more policies during the year.

If you find that you need cover for a longer period (months rather than weeks) then you should get quotes for single trip ski insurance cover from a number of different companies.

This will not only single out the ones that offer the number of days you need, but also let you see which is the most affordable (while providing the amount of cover you need).

Ski insurance cover for older skiers

Options are more limited for older skiers, as some insurance companies won't provide skiing insurance for anyone more than 65 years of age.

This isn't to say that none will, as some offer insurance to skiers up to 75, while others have specific over 65s insurance options that include winter and adventure sports cover, so it pays to get quotes from a number of insurance companies to see which ones provide it.

To learn more about getting cover skiing cover if you're finding it tricky due to age, you may find our guide How to compare travel insurance for over 75s useful.

Compare ski insurance quotes

Once you've settled on the type of cover you need for your skiing holiday you can start the search for the best price.

Make sure you only compare ski insurance policies that offer the cover you want, with an excess you're happy to pay to ensure you end up with the right cover for the cheapest possible price.

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