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Your investments are not guaranteed; they can decrease in value as well as increase and you may not get back the full amount you put in.

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Share Dealing

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easy to use

sIMPLE TO OPERATE moving money to and from.

Some good information on shares available within to help research when needed.

Price ok for execute transactions.

That you can leave these losers behind. The don't deserve your custom
There are not enough letters to describe the totally crap service

I wanted to fund my HALIFAX share dealing account from my HALIFAX current account. The result? The transaction was stopped "for fraud prevention" Laughable. The share dealing account can only be serviced from my current account. The money was never leaving the HALIFAX group of companies. Ironically I was thinking about using the funds to buy some shares in the upcoming TSB placement - another part of the Lloyds group. There is no logical explanation that I can think of that would excuse this failure. Were I buying diamonds in Nairobi or funding an account with another dealer then perhaps - but I emphasise PERHAPS. All I got was the classic run around and spoke to 6 people in total none of whom seemed to give a toss. I said that if I can't use the money I have with them to try and improve my situation then what was the point of carrying on with them. I had no satisfactory answer to this except "sorry". And so to follow through with my threat to leave, I have. I also said that I would happily fill up review sites with my unsatisfactory experience to warn others of the lack of service, the lack of care, the spurious excuses and the poor behaviour. So that is what I am doing. I strongly suggest that if you are interested in banking services that are seamless, coordinated and helpful then you look somewhere else - NOT the HALIFAX. I have no idea what has gone so tragically wrong for them but I am not the only one who sees an inexorable drift toward very second rate service. Do yourselves a favour and look elsewhere.