Tesco Bank Fixed Rate Cash ISA

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Tesco Bank Fixed Rate Cash ISA Features & Benefits

Account TypeCash ISA 
Account Term1 year12
Minimum Initial Deposit11
Rate Typefixed 
Headline Interest Rate1.65%1.65.
Headline Interest Balance11.00
Online Accessyes 
Branch Accessno 
Phone Accessyes 
Introductory Bonus0%No introductory bonus available.
Withdrawal Noticeterm 
ISA Transfers AcceptedyesYes however must be within 30 days of account opening.
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Reviews related to Tesco Bank Savings

Tesco Bank Savings
Friendly staff - have to be, I imagine all they get is complaints!
Lack of service, messing up applications, fail to communicate anything

I would not recommend Tesco Bank at all. They lost part of my ID, then told me it was my fault for sending the wrong type, fair enough did pay to replace it, but 3 out of 5 letters they claim to have sent me when I've rung them to find out what's going on have never arrived. I've spent more money ringing this bank to find out what's happening and time on hold than ever before for any company. Their latest service fail is to send me a temporary security code that should allow me to register for the online service, but in fact when I get to that page I need a sort code and account number instead, neither of which I've ever been given, and can't register. Rip-off - in the time it's taken me to open this and on calls to them the advantage from the slightly higher interest rate (the only reason I didn't cancel my application earlier in the process) I could have made more in an account with a different bank with a lower rate! Can't believe it's taken so long to try and open 1 simple online account, nor that their communication (or lack of) is so appalling!

Customer Service:
Flexibility & Fairness:
Average, could be better
Product Features:
Average, could be better
Value For Money:
Poor, could be greatly improved