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Recommended by sallyr26

I needed to invest some money and Virgin finance sent me some details of their new ISA which is in conjunction with Northern Rock. It was easy to set up, easy to put the money in the account, and easy to retrieve money from the account. No complaints at all.

Fixed 4% for 1 year. Withdrawals without penalty
Recommended by smithd

My Northern Rock regular monthly saver will mature in August 2012 following more than a year at a fixed 4.0% interest. This account was started well before Northern Rock was sold to Virgin Money, but my account is still in place under the new management. Unlike many other one-year regular savings from other providers, this account allows withdrawals at any time without penalty, so should I need the money, I can get at it readily. The monthly maximum is ?250, and it is possible to accumulate up to ?3500 by August, when the interest rate changes to an unspecified value - presumably a low value, so I expect to withdraw the balance at that time. Currently, it seems that Northern Rock is not offering a regular saver, but hopefully, it will do so in the future.

Recommended by glow

Ihad a couple of ISAs from previous years which were making very little interest so decided to transfer them to one with a decent rate, fixed for 1 year. Northern Rock's on-line application was pretty straightforward and once I'd provided them with the requested proof of identity and address, everything was settled and as I hadn't added any new money to the old amounts it meant I could open another ISA using the current year's allowance later when I had the funds.

Easy Access and Choose either yearly or monthy interest.
More feedback when transfering in an Isa from another provider.
Recommended by biz234

This is an excellent product. In these uncertain financial times, I needed an Isa that would give me flexibility with a decent interest rate and this delivers.

My Welcome Pack must have got lost in the post and I only found out when they sent me a e-mail, asking for more information about myself! My Accounts still on "read only Access" for nearly 3 weeks now. I sent them electronic communication 4 days ago and a letter by post 3 days ago, but no reply from them yet, so customer service could do better.

No promo bonus!
Recommended by stephenB

Virgin savings at Northern Rock.

Good interest rate,easy access and no promotional bonus.

I applied on line, it was so easy!

Very easy & efficient product to open & receive supporting documents
Recommended by flipside

The information given before and after with regard to this product was very clear. There were absolutely no difficulties in opening the account and it has been one of the easiest products to deal with. There was a very easy enrolment on the internet and they came back very quickly with the supporting documentation. I would recommend the product to anyone wanting to open an online ISA account at this time.

Communication at every stage
Recommended by BobDerek

This was an excellant product whilst Northern Rock, who maintained contact throughout the period and ensuring that I remained a customer for the following ISA's.

Will this continue under the Virgin brand ?

by smith37, 18 Jun 2013
accesible + tax free
Recommended by smith37

I've had my cash ISA here for years and the rate is still better than most rate currently available so I am happy.