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Dunfermline Building Society
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Rewarding regular saving with a Great Rate. Monthly amount can vary.
In-Branch only to open initially, but then payments can be made by S/O
Recommended by Priceless

One of the best around I think with a juicy 5.00% gross rate/ AER variable. I'm three months into my year and very happy with how things are going. The great plus is that you can vary your monthly savings figure as long as the minimum you pay in each month is ?100. The account had to be opened with a minimum ?100 upto a maximum ?500. The other two great features of this account is that you can MISS one monthly deposit in the year AND.... surprisingly you can make one WITHDRAWAL in the year if your circumstances require it! Like all good things there is a penalty if more than 1 monthly payment is missed or more than 1 withdrawal is made during your fixed term of a year, the rate drops to 1.00%. Remember that Dunfermline Building Society are part of the Nationwide so watch your Financial Personal Protection allowance of ?85K if you have other savings with them.