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5 customers rated their BM Savings savings as 2.6 out of 5 in our Consumer Finance Awards and Reviews.
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Flexibility & Fairness
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BM Savings 1 Year Fixed Rate Bond
Account TypeOpen WithInterest Rate (AER)Protection SchemeOpen Account
Fixed Bond£1.001.75% fixed
for 1 year
on £1+
FSCSOnline & Post
BM Savings ISA Extra Issue 11
Account TypeOpen WithInterest Rate (AER)Protection SchemeOpen Account
Cash ISA£1.001.55% variable
on £1+
FSCSOnline & Phone
BM Savings Online Extra (Issue 13)
Account TypeOpen WithInterest Rate (AER)Protection SchemeOpen Account
Easy Access£1,000.001.35% variable
on £1,000+

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Reviews related to Savings

Excellent response to email contact
Indifferent response to telephone contact
Recommended by ifbrns

Subsequent to the indifferent customer service received over the telephone, an email to BM Savings produced a completely different response and immediate resolution to my problem.

A most helpful and friendly young lady dealt with the earlier shortcoming in a manner which was both reasssuring and restored confidence in the provider.

high interest.access to money if necessary.
postal account only
Recommended by milliga90

I have held this simple savings account for three years. It has a very good rate of interest that is added yearly. However unlike most fixed rates I can have access to my money but with a loss of 90 days interest on monies withdrawn. My only gripe is it is a postal account only which in these days of technology and telephones makes it look like it comes from the victorian age but with such a high rate of interest I will put up with that. Never had any problems with the account and it has done what it said on the tin.

Easy to get your money out when you need it.
It takes a few days to deposit money with them, usually 3 days.
Recommended by yp978

Everything done over the internet with fixed named bank account. Easy to use and any withdrawl is in your bank account the next day. Friendly staff when having to 'phone.

Can't operate the online account online - no log inprovided

I opened an online account with BM Savings and handed over a significant amount of cash to be deposited in the account. More than 2 weeks later I still have to receive the log in details needed to operate the account.

Calling the customer (dis)service team resulted in nothing but platitudes and assurances that the delay was normal, despite the email communication issued earlier confirming that the log in details would be provided within 5 days.

It almost appears that I have been scammed - handing over money to which I now have no access and little in the way of a serious attempt to deal with my complaint.

Go elsewhere - there are better and more reliable providers out there than BM Savings

Decent rates offered when account opened
Subsequent service was pathetic

Opened 2 fixed rate postal ISAs. Wrote 11/6/2014 for information. No reply received so complained. They now want 8 weeks to investigate!