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Flexibility & Fairness
Product Features
Value For Money
AA 2 Year Fixed Rate ISA
Account TypeOpen WithInterest Rate (AER)Protection SchemeOpen Account
Cash ISA£1.002% fixed
for 2 years
on £1+
-Online & Phone
AA 1 Year Fixed Rate Savings Account
Account TypeOpen WithInterest Rate (AER)Protection SchemeOpen Account
Fixed Bond£1.001.7% fixed
for 1 year
on £1+
-Online & Phone
AA Internet Extra (Issue 16)
Account TypeOpen WithInterest Rate (AER)Protection SchemeOpen Account
Easy Access£1,000.001.4% variable
on £1,000+

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interest rate
now cut rates

top of rates back 3 years. Fixed rate bond - little more to say. Thy take their time to receive money by cheque and give money back so best use for longer term or factor this in if rates are good v competition.

Review a bit short. Review a bit short.... its a simple product.....this is a badly designed questionaire

Excellent service both on the telephone and by post
Recommended by Sabre

I have had a two year fixed bond with the AA renewing it every two year's and have been very happy with the service so when I drew the money out of a bond which was losing me money I decided to get another 2 year fixed rate and the efficient way they conducted themselves was extremely impressive with no hassle whatsoever. It was all done through the post and I had to pay by cheque. I would certainly recommend them to anyone wanting a safe investment.

Fair return 3.6% for one year
No withdrawals
Recommended by smithd

My one year AA fixed rate Bond at 3.6% matures in December 2012. I notice that currently the AA does not offer a one year bond, so I guess I was fortunate in that I was able to grab it last December. Around that time both a postal and an online version were available, both at 3.6%. I chose the postal version, but despite the name, application was done online - it was simple - and then the AA sent me a letter a few days later, requesting I send a cheque. The one year period commenced when the AA paid the cheque into the new account. It was possible to make additional deposits while the issue remained open.
No withdrawals are allowed on the one year bond. The AA promise to write about 2 weeks before maturity, giving me options to reinvest or take the money.
At present the AA only offers two and five year fixed Bonds, but I hestitate to fix more than a year as maybe general interest rates could rise in the meantime?

Goodish rate for a 1K entry level. With most products rates do change
1K entry level could be prohibitive. Keep you eye on their rates.
Recommended by Priceless

I took out this savings product towards the end of 2011. A time when as the credit crunch and financial austerity were biting even harder (for Mr & Mrs Average on the high street), it was very difficult to get a savings account that could come some way to keeping you near inflation. With the CPI and RPI figures at high levels it's almost impossible to get a good account that keeps you in positive territory. At 3.50% this still means that my savings will not keep me ahead of inflation. But, you have to save at the best rate you can get at the time to at least get some return for your money. Within days of taking this product out the rate was INCREASED to 3.60%. Unfortunately I'm locked in at the former 3.50% but with the amount I invested 0.01% is not the end of the world. Keep your eyes on the AA Savings product range. They're always updating and changing rates both up AND down so you need to act fast and be a savy saver! They're part of the Lloyds Banking Group, so watch your individual investments across the group if you're getting anywhere near your protected ?85K limit. I'm not, so it won't worry me.

Decent 3.2% rate with penalty-free access
Rqte drops after 12 months when bonus ends
Recommended by smithd

Opened this issue 5 of this Internet Extra account in September 2011, when it offered just 2.8% but had the advantage of no-penalty access. It is on online account, which to access needs you to set up (it is easy) a username and password. I was pleasantly surprised when AA increased the rate to 3.2% in December 2011, including on existing accounts, including mine. Strangely, later in December (or early January) the AA withdrew this issue 5 for new applications, replacing it with a re-launched issue 4 at the lower rate of 2.8%. I must be grateful that the rate on existing issue 5 accounts - such as mine - continues to be 3.2% ! Long may it continue.
Money can be invested in these accounts either by direct Debit from a linked bank account, or paid in from anywhere else, using say, a "fast transfer". Taking money out, although penalty-free, is certainly not "instant". After requesting a withdrawal online, the money appears at its destination during the next working day.
In short, a handy account with decent interest for almost instant (ie takes 24 hours) online withdrawals.

Good 5.15% interest for 5 years, with withdrawal option
Limited issue
Recommended by smithd

I opened this 5 year AA Bond in 2009 at a fixed 5.15% for 5 years. The clincher for me was that the money could be withdrawn, in full or just in part, at any time with a relatively small penalty - of just 90 days loss-of-interest. Taking the withdrawal penalty into account, I estimated that if I withdrew it all after 1 year, I still would have had an effective interest rate of 3.9%, and if I withdrew after 2 years, an effective rate of 4.5%. So I can expect above 4.5% if I were to cash-in now, as I have held it for about 2.5 years.
This was a limited issue, and you have to be ready with any spare cash you might have, if you wish to take advantage of such offers!
I have found it well worth keeping an eye out for such deals - I try to look out for such offers on the comparison websites every couple of weeks, including of course the website !

easy paperwork online
Recommended by fatfrank

This is the 2nd term I have had the AA Fixed Term Savings Bond. It was easy to set up on line, the paperwork was all quick and simple to understand. They write to you a month before it expires to ask you what you want to do with the interest and the Bond, telling you what their new % rate is, and it has always been a good rate.

by dizzys, 21 Aug 2012
I know who stole my money..... The AA!!!
The AA stole my money!!!

Invested £5340 with interest rate at 3.35%.
2012 return should have been £178.89..... I got £12
Where is my Money????
AA are financial fraudsters... avoid at all cost!
Currently reporting AA to the Financial Ombudsman