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Martin on TV, radio & press

Liverpool Echo logo

Easyjet could add more Liverpool flights

15th November: Martin Lane spoke to Liverpool Echo about how demand for Easyjet flights remains high but profits have taken a beating so price hikes are likely. Read about it here.

insight diy logo

M&S to convert dozens of stores to Simply Food

8th November: Martin Lane spoke to Insight DIY about why he thinks M&S are doing the right thing by getting rid of clothes and home stores in favour of food stores following a drop in half year profits. Read about it here.

harpers.co.uk logo

M&S to close 60 clothing and home stores

8th November: As profits have plunged 88%, M&S plans to turn 45 of its stores into Simply Food outlets. Martin Lane spoke to Harpers about this being a good move as consumers tend to shop for staples in discount stores and treat themselves to upmarket goods in shops like M&S. Read about it here.

Furniture News

Next reports subdued sales

2nd November: Martin Lane spoke to Furniture News about the challenges Next faces to increase profits at a difficult time and how they need to shift their brand image to get new customers interested. Read about it here.

insight diy logo

Next amends its profit forecast after difficult third quarter

2nd November: Martin Lane spoke to Insight DIY about how our shopping habits have changed in the past decade and the effect this has had on Next who need to attract new customers to pick profits up. Read about it here.

Business Advice

How to turn your hobby into a successful business

12th October: Martin Lane shared his tips with Business Advice about how you can turn your pastime into a flourishing startup business. Read about it here.

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