Sainsbury's Bank Cash Passport Currency Card - Euro

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Sainsbury's Bank Cash Passport Currency Card - Euro Features & Benefits

Card TypeMasterCardMasterCard.
Card Purchase Fee0A fee of 0.00 is charged at the time of purchasing the card.
Monthly Fee0No monthly service fee is applied.
UK Transaction Fee5.75% 
UK ATM Fee5.75% 
Foreign Transaction Feefree 
Foreign ATM Feefree 
Load FeesDebit Card: free
Post Office: free
Debit Card: 2%Post Office: free
Maximum Load Amount75007500.00 is the maximum amount that can be loaded to the card.
Minimum Load Amount5050.00 is the minimum amount that can be loaded to the card.
Maximum Daily Withdrawal700700.00 is the maximum a cardholder may withdraw per day.
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I was after info regarding ISAs as I knew NOTHING and your website pointed me in the right direction! Thanks.

Compare Sainsbury's Bank Cash Passport Currency Card - Euro With These Prepaid Cards

Caxton FX Euro Traveller

  • Benefit from an UK transaction fee free.
  • Get an united kingdom ATM fee of 2.
  • 0 dormancy fee.
  • Cash back fee of 0% is offered with the prepaid card.
  • 24 months [attribute name] available..

FBME Bank speedcard Visa Electron Card

  • Overseas transaction fee of 0 percent is offered.
  • New customers benefit from online credit card load fee of 0.
  • New customers can take advantage of 0 percent overseas ATM withdrawal.
  • New customers will get 0 annual fee.

splash Maestro Card

  • 0 post office loading fee is available to customers.
  • 0 load fee bank branch is offered with Maestro Card.
  • Have the benefit of 0 monthly fee from splash.
  • A load fee payroll of 0 is available from splash.
  • Get extra card transfer fee of 0%.
  • A 0 percent paypoint load fee is offered.

The Co-operative Bank Cash Passport Currency Card - Euro

  • Get euro currency.
  • Cash Passport Currency Card - Euro offers a yearly fee of 0.
  • You have the benefit of 0 united kingdom transaction fee from this prepaid card.
  • 0 additional card transfer fee is offered to new customers.

splash Maestro Card (Non Identified)

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  • Customers get 0 extra card transfer fee from the Maestro Card (Non Identified).
  • Get 0 percent paypoint loading fee.
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  • New customers will get top up fee payroll of 0.

Post Office Travel Money Card Plus Sterling

  • Free UK transaction fee is available to new customers.
  • The prepaid card has debit card: 3 / 1.5%
    post office: 3 / 1.5%
    sms: 3 / 1.5% load fees.
  • 0 UK transaction fee is available with the prepaid card.
  • Card replacement fee of 0.
  • Sterling currency is offered.

Tuxedo Travel Currency Prepaid Card (Euro)

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  • The Travel Currency Prepaid Card (Euro) has a 0 monthly fee.
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  • 0 monthly fee is available with this prepaid card.
  • A sterling currency is available.
  • You have the benefit of 7000 max load amount from Caxton FX.
  • Caxton FX gives overseas ATM withdrawal of 0%.