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Caxton FX Dollar Traveller
Card FeesUK TransactionsUK ATM WithdrawalsLoad Charges
£0Free$2Debit Card: free
SMS: free
Caxton FX Euro Traveller
Card FeesUK TransactionsUK ATM WithdrawalsLoad Charges
£0FreeFreeDebit Card: free
SMS: free
Caxton FX Global Traveller
Card FeesUK TransactionsUK ATM WithdrawalsLoad Charges
£0£1.50£1.50Debit Card: free
SMS: free
Caxton FX Global Business Traveller
Card FeesUK TransactionsUK ATM WithdrawalsLoad Charges
£0Free£1.50Debit Card: free
SMS: free
Free foreign transactions and ATM withdrawals overseas.

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Does what it says
Recommended by rosetta

Yep went for it .....great ..

Just fill it with euros ,when you know the currency rate is good ...takes two ticks ..

Then collect cash at the ATMs abroad. No charge (except at private AtMs ). When you might need the cash for the 'Vide Grenier' boot .... Or that fresh Baguette ...

Also use the card at supermarkets restaurants etc .

Great ....I still use my Best card abroad 'Credit card ...but the Caxton gets my seal of Approval "...

I opened a 'Global Traveller' account a year or so ago, mainly as my son was visiting New York. The ATM usage limits were not made clear enough, he found out when trying to use the card more than twice in 24 hrs and 5 times in 4 days - he was 15 and not wanting to carry large amounts of cash.
Subsequently, my wife and I used the facitlity last summer when visiting the South of France. Not accepted at tolls on the autoroutes nor at automated petrol stations (to be fair they state this in the T & Cs). Also wasn't accepted at a car parking payment machine in Saint Raphael. You MUST have a back-up of sorts or you WILL be caught out.
To cap it all, loaded the card again today and thought I'd better test it with my local ATM (just call it a lack of confidence) and successfully withdrew £5. I later found I was charged £1.50 for the privilege, again included in the T & Cs, but does that make it fair and reasonable?
I will keep the account open as, now that I'm aware of the pitfalls which are definitely not made clear enough (hidden away in T & Cs), it will be useful to have as long as not wholly relied upon.

Excellent service and excellent exchange rates
Recommended by gshegog

Excellent alternative to credit cards especially when travelling abroad. Customer service is excellent and very easy to load card. Very good exchange rates - much better than Post Office etc.

Only good, buy online or by phone, quick n' easy
There's nothing bad, a great company to deal with.
Recommended by willstain

Great company with great rates for foreign currencies or buy Sterling. Take money from ATMs or use the card to pay for goods and services as you would with any other card. If buying foreign currencies choose a day when Stering is high and spend it when you will. They have the best charges of any cash card that I have seen.

by mrs, 19 Jun 2013
Recommended by mrs

applied on behalf of my 18 year old daughter going abroad with friends for the first time. for the security aspect, flexibility & safety ( as well as being very competitive with regard to exchange charges). I ordered the global card as it was for outside europe travel . card and activation process & loading process very swift with the option of me being able to add more money to the card while she is abroad if necessary

Easy to load, good website for account checking
Unreliable. Many shops, restaurants and supermarkets do not accept it.

Our Caxton FX euro card stopped being accepted in petrol stations and supermarkets in Spain and Portugal in December 2012 and we have had to withdraw cash from ATMs instead. I spoke to Caxton about this and they tell me that it is a problem of the merchants not requesting pre-authorisation for the transaction, which is therefore declined. This means that the card is very unreliable because you never know in advance whether it will be accepted or not and have to carry sufficient cash just in case it gets declined. Rather defeats the object of the card. Caxton cannot - or will not - do anything to solve this problem so we are running down the balance and abandoning it.

Transaction held money out of account although no order processed.

Used this card to prevent usual bank charges on £/$ transactions in USA. Although a Visa card it was not accepted by various companies(Walmart,Radio Shack). I also ended up with $267 being held out of my account by a major company although I had not authorised the transaction. Still have to be convinced about the benefits of this card.

Recommended by lg1726

This is a convenient, secure comforting way of managing our holiday spending money, year on year. I have a euro card and load it up throughout the year, so it also provides a great way of saving the spending money for the holiday.

Once loaded, which is so simple once you have the system set up, it is then used for all our transactions abroad. I usually withdraw some cash and then use the card to pay fuel and restaurant bills etc keeping the amount of cash carried to a minimum. I love the flexibility of this card, the fact that there are no added charges levied at the point of sale or ATM usage, making it more straight forward to manage the kitty.

Have been using it for three years now, with no complaints, no problems and no intention of changing to convention credit/debit cards on holiday - ever!

An easy way to buy foreign currency when on holiday.
Recommended by scrabbulous

This a prepaid mastercard account that allows you to load the card with foreign currency before you use it to withdraw currency from foreign cash machines. I have used it on my last three foreign holidays without any problems. The exchange rate is excellent and there are no commission charges. You can load the card online, or by telephone, by transferring cash from your current account. I no longer have any need to buy travellers cheques, or to purchase foreign currency on the high street. In addition to its convenience, this card also saves me money.

Recommended by hrilov