Argos Silver (Dog)

Full product details for the Argos Silver (Dog) pet insurance policy, including pet insurance details, application criteria, cover, medical cover, example quotes, discounts, fees & charges and claims.
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16 customers rated their Argos pet insurance as 4.1 out of 5 in our Consumer Finance Awards and Reviews.
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Argos Silver (Dog) Features & Benefits

Pet CoveredDog 
Cover Description2500/condition max 12 months 
Lifetime Coverno 
Multi-Pet Discount10% 
Hereditary Conditionsyes 
Maximum Age When Cover StartsUnlimited 
Minimum Pet Age8 weeks 
Maximum Pet ValueUnlimited 
Pay Monthly Rate0% 
Claims Time Limit12 months 
Congenital Conditionsrestricted 
Alternative Treatmentyes 
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Argos Pet Insurance Comparison

Compare Argos Silver (Dog) With These Pet Insurance Policies

esure Pet Plus (Dog)

  • New customers will benefit from multi-pet discount of 5%.
  • The pet insurance policy has overseas vets fees days of 365 days.
  • New customers get accident & injury dental benefit from the pet insurance policy.
  • New customers get 250 lost pet reward from esure.

Pet Cover Silver (Dog)

  • Get 3,000 max alternative treatment cover.
  • This pet insurance policy offers an accident & injury dental benefit.
  • Customers get 250 kennel fees from the pet insurance policy.
  • Enjoy number of alternative treatments of 7 from the pet insurance policy.

Homebase Cat Care (Cat)

  • Enjoy 0 renewal fee.
  • You get 1,000 overseas vets fees from the Cat Care (Cat).
  • An internet discount of 10 percent is offered by Homebase.
  • Unlimited max cover age is available with this pet insurance policy.
  • Pay monthly rate of 0 percent is offered with Cat Care (Cat).

helpucover Premier (Dog)

  • Helpucover gives overseas vets fees of 4,000.
  • A direct debit fee of 0 percent is offered by helpucover.
  • Take advantage of 0 percent pay monthly rate from helpucover.
  • Per year claims basis is offered with Premier (Dog).
  • 750 maximum alternative treatment cover is offered with Premier (Dog).

Animal Friends Prestige (Dog)

  • Unlimited max vets fees per year is available with this pet insurance policy.
  • Get 6,000 maximum vets fees.
  • 0 renewal fee is offered to you.

Virgin Accident & Illness Extra - All Options (Dog)

  • Accident & Illness Extra - All Options (Dog) offers overseas vets fees days of 90 days.
  • Virgin gives quarantine costs of 1,500.
  • Pay monthly rate of 0%.
  • The Virgin pet insurance policy has a maximum alternative treatment cover of 6,000.
  • Internet discount of 10 percent is available to new customers.

Protect your bubble Standard (Cat)

  • 5 percent multi-pet markdown is offered.
  • Limitless max cover age is available to new customers.
  • You get 4,000 max behavioural fees from the pet insurance policy.
  • New customers take advantage of adjustment fee of 0.
  • Standard (Cat) gives a pay monthly rate of 0%.

Reviews related to Argos Pet Insurance

Argos Pet Insurance
Peace of mind.
The policy contains cover for eventualities that I would never need.
Recommended by Sylvia1231

I was in a quandary about renewing my policy with Saga as my 2 cats insurance would not only cost me ?307 for the year but as well as this each bill would carry an excess charge of ?60 but also 20/30% of the bill.
I got quotes from PetPlan Tesco and Argos all by return of clicking get quote. In the end I ruled out Tesco as they didn't send an email too. PetPlan had won the Best Policy award this year but my daughter was with Argos who were very kind and sent condolences when one of her cats died. They were very prompt with the monthly settlements which amounted to ?2,000 over the year so I decided that I would have them too.
We decided to insure only the younger cat as the older one rarely ventures out and is low risk. She's savage and we would never risk taking her to the vet again. She had to wear a Hannibal Leckter type muzzle on her first visit!
I've paid ?117 platinum cover for Gypsy and although there is the usual Excess of ?60 clause, happily no percentage. They will pay up to ?7,000 for the year and continue as long as I renew on time.
I should add that I never had a problem with Saga who were also quick to pay and chatty.

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Flexibility & Fairness:
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