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Compare cheap parrot insurance quotes and find the best parrot pet insurance in minutes. Our UK pet parrot insurance comparison tables make it easy for you to compare the benefits of the cheapest parrot insurance cover so you can make the right choice when it comes to picking pet parrot insurance.
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Pet Parrot Insurance: How to Get the Best Policy

Parrots can live for a long time, so there's a good chance you'll have to pay vets' medical bills at some stage of its life. We look at how to find the best parrot insurance cover for less.

Pet Parrots Insurance

Parrots make great companions; they're intelligent, are easy to care for and can live for many years.

However, due to their longevity, there's a good chance you'll need to take them to see the vet at some point and if they become ill or require surgery, the cost of ongoing treatment and medication can easily run to hundreds or thousands of pounds.

A good parrot insurance policy can give you peace of mind that these unexpected bills will be taken care of, here's how to find the right policy at a fair price.

What's the best parrot insurance?

That really depends on how much cover you need for your pet.

Cheap parrot insurance policies might be tempting but if they don't offer much financial support for your pet they're not worth paying for - likewise expensive cover that comes with features you're never likely to need is also a waste of money.

The crucial thing is to make sure you've got the right level of cover at the most competitive price and the only way you can do that is by carrying out a parrot insurance comparison.

Compare pet parrot insurance features

To find the best parrot insurance deal, you need to check the features of each company's policy relating to the following areas:


When you look for parrot insurance UK deals you need to check the conditions regarding insuring birds of a certain age.

If your parrot is quite old, you may well have to pay higher premiums in order to insure it because older animals are more likely to develop ongoing conditions that need treatment.

Companies require your pet to have reached a certain age before they will insure it, so make sure you check what this is before picking a policy.

If you are uncertain about how your parrot's age will impact the cost of cover, remember to check this with companies before buying a deal.


As there are different breeds of parrot, from the African Grey to the Yellow-headed Amazon, insurers will charge premiums that reflect the risk of covering each breed.

For example, if you own a breed that is known to be susceptible to health issues, some insurers could hit you with higher premiums - or not offer any kind of cover. This is why it pays to do your homework and get quotes from a number of companies.

Cover limits

Insurers will have an upper limit on how much they'll pay out in the event of a claim, so if your parrot needs regular medication and the cost exceeds the company's maximum limit, you'll need to pay for the rest yourself.

Policy excess

If you want to reduce the amount you pay for your premiums, offering to pay a higher excess if you claim on your pet insurance parrot policy could help you cut the cost of your payments.

Although this might allow you to make each payment cheaper, you need to make sure you can afford to pay the increased excess if you do claim.

If you think you might struggle to pay a higher excess at short notice, which could prevent you from getting help from your insurer, then sticking with the standard excess might be your best bet.

Set up a savings account

If you find that the cost of parrot insurance is too high, or you don't think it's worth it for what the company is offering, setting up and paying into a savings account instead will help you to put money by, should you need to pay vets' bills in the future.

To find out more about policies for parrots and other rare animals, you should take a look at our Exotic pet insurance guide.

Pet Insurance Comparison

Alternative Pet Insurance Policies

You may want to compare the above pet insurance policies with the following.

Debenhams Gold (Dog)

  • Advertising limit of 750 is offered with Gold (Dog).
  • 0 adjustment fee is available with this pet insurance policy.
  • The pet insurance policy gives a 0 duplicate documents fee.
  • Debenhams gives direct debit fee of 0 percent.

Direct Line Pet Essential - No Options (Dog)

  • You will benefit from max alternative treatment cover of 4,000.
  • Accident & illness dental benefit is offered to new customers.
  • Per condition claims basis is offered to customers.
  • 4,000 dental fees is offered with Pet Essential - No Options (Dog).
  • Customers get unlimited max cover age from Direct Line.
  • Enjoy unlimited maximum vets fees per year from Direct Line.

Healthy Pets Gold (Dog)

  • 7,500 maximum alternative treatment cover is offered with Gold (Dog).
  • Benefit from 7,500 dental fees from Healthy Pets.
  • Enjoy 1,000 advertising cut off point.
  • This pet insurance policy gives 0 quarantine costs.
  • Unlimited maximum vets fees per year is available with Gold (Dog).

Kwik-Fit Insurance Gold (Dog)

  • You get 750 loss or theft cut off point from the pet insurance policy.
  • The pet insurance policy offers limitless maximum vets fees per year.
  • Dental fees of 5,000 is available with Gold (Dog).
  • You benefit from 0 percent pay monthly rate.
  • 0 quarantine costs is offered with this pet insurance policy.

Pet Protect Lifelong Extra Protection (Dog)

  • Have the benefit of a pay monthly rate of 0%.
  • Benefit from an internet discount of 0 percent from the pet insurance policy.
  • 6,000 max vets fees.
  • Lifelong Extra Protection (Dog) gives max behavioural fees of 450.
  • 0 duplicate documents fee is offered with this pet insurance policy.

E & L Gold Monthly (Cat)

  • Enjoy 5,000 dental fees.
  • You have the benefit of 10 duplicate documents fee.
  • E & L gives renewal fee of 0.
  • 200 transport costs.

PDSA Petsurance 7000 (Cat)

  • You take advantage of 7,000 maximum behavioural fees from PDSA.
  • This PDSA pet insurance policy has a maximum alternative treatment cover of 7,000.
  • Dental fees of 7,000 is offered by PDSA.
  • Renewal fee of 0 is available to customers.
  • 500 lost pet reward is offered.

Petpals Direct TenantCare (Cat)

  • Customers get accident & injury dental benefit from this pet insurance policy.
  • You take advantage of 0 adjustment fee from this TenantCare (Cat).
  • New customers benefit from 0% direct debit fee from the TenantCare (Cat).
  • Unlimited claims time cut off point is available.
  • Petpals Direct gives number of alternative treatments of 0.