Multi pet insurance is designed to make the cost of insuring your pet more affordable for households with two pets or more.

Most pet insurance companies will offer multi pet discounts that can help to cut the cost of cover by up to 15%.

What's more, it's usually possible to qualify for a multi pet insurance discount even if you insure pets of different species - a cat and a dog for example. This helps to make insurance even more flexible so it's definitely something worth investigating when you're looking for cheap cover.

However, the secret to finding cheap multi pet insurance is to avoid focusing solely on the size of the discount on offer.

Instead you need to decide what level of pet insurance you want to get, what benefits are important to you, and how much you can afford to pay in excess if you need to make a claim - you can use our pet insurance Advanced Search to do this.

You should then get insurance quotes from each of the pet insurance companies that offer suitable policies and compare the total cost of each.

By doing this you'll have the peace of mind that you've found a cheap multi pet insurance policy that will pay out if one of your pets falls ill, is injured or strays.